Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Update: Wake kills busing, backs neighborhood schools

9:08 p.m. - Amid a conflict-filled meeting that sometimes recalled the civil rights struggles of the 1960s, Wake County's new school board majority took the first step today toward implementing neighborhood schools, the News & Observer reports.

By a 5-4 vote, the board gave the first of two approvals needed to pass a resolution calling for abandoning busing for diversity in favor of assigning students to schools in their community. Supporters hailed it as a step toward providing families more stability while critics complained it would lead to resegregation.


'Nobody's going back to Jim Crow days'

So says the new Wake County school board chairman, discussing a proposal under debate today to do away with diversity-based busing.

Chairman Ron Margiotta vowed that the proposed change is in the interest of students because it would allow parents more options and refocus families on the schools in their neighborhood, according to an Associated Press story.

He bristled at any suggestion that the move had something to do with race."It's something that offends me," Margiotta told AP. "Nobody's going to go back to Jim Crow days."

According to the story: "...when Wake County decided to do away with race-based busing to desegregate schools, local officials came up with a novel solution to maintain balance.
The new method of assigning students by their socio-economic background rather than race helped to keep campuses integrated. Adopted in 2000, it quickly became a blueprint for other school systems.

That policy, however, has never sat well with many suburban parents — often white and middle class — who argue that the student assignment plan sends their kids too far from home. And a new school board, swept into office by those vocal parents, appears poised to scrap it in a vote scheduled for today.

The issue has brought the term "segregation" and the weight of history into recent school board meetings. Some parents and students around the state capital are now imploring their newly elected leaders to back away from their plan to drastically alter the diversity policy.

"Please preserve the New South. Don't take us back to the Old South," parent Robert Siegel told the school board."

Once again, as noted in an earlier post about a Sunday New York Times story, critics of neighborhood schools point to Charlotte as a bad anecdote:

"Now the state is increasingly starting to mirror an era many thought had past: On one side of the state, in the coastal town of Wilmington, an elementary school of several hundred students has just one who is black. On the other, in the banking hub of Charlotte, a primary school of similar size has just one student who is white."


"At Beverly Woods Elementary, just north of the Quail Hollow Country Club that hosts a namesake PGA Tour event, 79 percent of the students are white. A few miles up the road, at Montclaire Elementary, only 4 percent of the students — just 19 out of 450 — are white."

The kicker:

"Pamela Grundy, a parent in Charlotte who has decried the divisions within the school district, said leaders in Raleigh should take notice. "The lesson of Charlotte is that desegregation will go away so quickly. Once you lose it, you can't get it back," she said.

- Doug Miller


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Anonymous said...

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