Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Get the skinny on CMS crowding, construction

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools has posted its report on the data the district will use for construction and renovation priorities. The report includes aerial photos, floor plans and data on capacity and enrollment for each school, as well as detailed descriptions of how CMS currently calculates capacity and sets priorities.
Warning: It's almost 500 pages long, and even in two parts it's a slow download. "Slow" as in click the link and go get lunch.
But there's no hurry: Money for new construction or renovation has dried up, and the school board has just begun a months-long process of figuring out how to set priorities when the money comes in.
Ann Doss Helms
Update as of 1 p.m.: The documents that were there this morning have now been removed. CMS folks checking on where they've gone and how the public can get them. Stay tuned.



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Mike Grant said...

Thanks Ann, I had hunted around for this earlier and could not find it. I look forward to digging into it when it is posted again.

Ann Doss Helms said...

Mike, it's 5 p.m. and they're still working on it. Apparently the first link had so many problems they went back to the board for a more user-friendly approach. Last I heard was it'd be up around 4:30, but so far nothing.

Mike Grant said...

It is back up now. Looks like they have broken it into many parts now to make viewing and downloading a little easier. I still have several plans back 20 years or more so it is good to compare what they plan versus what they do. Even more interesting is to see when a school is high on the list and then it suddenly drops way down.