Friday, March 26, 2010

City hires attorney in harassment probe

The city of Charlotte has hired attorney Valecia McDowell to investigate an allegation of sexual harassment by a council member.

A memo sent today to the mayor and council members said McDowell expects to deliver a report within two weeks. McDowell of Charlotte discounted her normal hourly rate of $400 to $250 because the work "is in the public interest."

Click here to read the memo.

The scope of the investigation:

- Determine whether the complained of conduct of an elected official towards a female member of the city's staff occurred.

- And if the activity occurred, whether it constituted sexually harassing conduct as defined in and interpreted under Title VII.

McDowell, the memo says, will give her findings in a written report in which the alleged victim will be identified as "Employee A."

On March 14, Mayor Anthony Foxx sent an email to all 11 council members reminding them that sexual harassment wouldn't be tolerated. The email did not say which council member was being accused.

Three city officials have told the Observer the e-mail was in response to a complaint by a female staff member against council member Warren Turner. Turner has said he has done nothing wrong.

- Doug Miller


Anonymous said...

Ummm, aren't you leaving out the fact that this lawyer works for the firm that hired former mayor McCrory, and that this lawyer made contributions to both Obama and Hillary?

I'll bet she's a member of Harry Jones's church too.

Anonymous said...

Where is the $250.00 per hour coming from since everyone in City County gov are getting they're budgets cut and how many hours is this going to take?

Anonymous said...

Just another way for FOXX!! to waste some more of our money!! Geez!!! Wake up Charlotte, what a joke!!!!

Anonymous said...

the handling of this incident couldn't have been worse....and these are supposed to be experienced, professional people. From the mayor down (or up as the case may be)total embarrasement. All should be at minimum reprimanded, and possibly suspended or released. No bonuses this year for these yokels.