Wednesday, March 10, 2010

CMS construction plan is up -- really!

Turns out posting almost 500 pages of detailed reports on construction planning for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is easier said than done. But this evening CMS got the report broken down into manageable pieces and posted.
The background: On Tuesday the school board got a staff report on priorities for school construction and renovation, designed to launch a months-long discussion on how to spend money once it's available. District officials had hoped to post the full report before the meeting.
A link was available late Tuesday and early Wednesday, but by midday the folks at CMS had decided it was too cumbersome and pulled it down. The latest version breaks the report into chunks that are easier to look up and download.


Mike Grant said...

Yes Ann this is much better. It does however make some cross zones comparisons a little tougher. I did find that the appendix section also had the north learning community schools in it as well as the later North Learning Community pdf file.


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Anonymous said...

The Central LC is not posted.

fundoo said...

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Jerome said...

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