Wednesday, July 25, 2012

CMS raises: Who got $17,000?

After a month of Observer queries about the market adjustment raises Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools awarded in a June 26 vote, CMS has released the details on who got what. Read the list here.

Almost 250 salaried staff, including many principals and assistant principals, got market raises, and 26 got annual bumps of $10,000 or more. Before today,  CMS had said only that those raises were as high as $17,202 a year.  That top raise went to Susan Norwood, executive director of the federally funded merit pay program known as TIF-LEAP.

Everyone gets a 3 percent raise as part of the $1.2 billion budget approved Tuesday. But almost 6,000 people are getting additional raises based on a 2007 Deloitte Consulting study that showed their jobs were paying below market rates. Those who got market raises will get the 3 percent hike on top of that increase.

Here's the Q & A CMS sent employees to explain the raises.

To see what salaries were before the 2012-13 raises, check the CMS salary database.