Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Affidavit: Client writes $3,500 check

A "Hush Hush" customer told an agent he paid for services with a check from his business account. In the memo line he wrote that it was for "Internet Development."

More highlights from an affidavit, said to describe one of the country's largest Internet-based prositution ring at the time:

- Prostitutes traveled to Charlotte from Canada, Asia, Brazil, Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, among other cities.

- A woman who worked for the ring turned informant after she incurred a $2,150 debt to the operators. The government gave her money to repay, and she cooperated with authorities.

- The informant said she earned $160,000 working for Hush Hush in 2006. Typically, she kept 70 percent of the fee; the operators made 30 percent.

Click here to read the full document.

- Doug Miller, Maria David


Anonymous said...

Names...we want names, dammit!!!

Anonymous said...

You have one "worker bee" name in the comments.