Wednesday, November 30, 2011

CMS: Help us find teachers

Here's the memo Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools sent employees this week,  seeking their help recruiting candidates for a program that prepares people without formal teacher training to become licensed teachers. 

From: cmscommunications
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2011 12:10
To: cmsmailall
Subject: Do you know someone who would make a great teacher? Refer them to TEACH Charlotte.

Do you know someone who would make a great teacher? Refer them to TEACH Charlotte today:

You made the choice to dedicate each day to supporting education in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. You probably know other outstanding individuals who are also looking for an opportunity to make a difference by becoming teachers. While CMS currently has an accomplished group of professional educators, the need for additional high-quality teachers is always great. The TEACH Charlotte program is an aggressive campaign to recruit local and committed professionals, community members, and recent college graduates who have the potential to become effective teachers, joining us in our efforts to increase student achievement in CMS classrooms.

TEACH Charlotte is a highly selective, innovative path for talented mid-career professionals and recent college graduates to become teachers and make a measurable difference in the most critical subject areas of math, science, EC, and Spanish as well as elementary, English, and language arts. The goal of TEACH Charlotte is to recruit, select, and train only the most outstanding candidates who have the potential to effectively increase student achievement in their classrooms. Candidates do not need to have taken courses in education or have prior teaching experience, but they should be committed to ensuring the academic success of our students and our schools.

TEACH Charlotte participants will:

Complete a rigorous summer training to develop their ability to affect student achievement as a new teacher in a high-need school;
Achieve significant academic growth with all of their students and hold themselves accountable by measuring student outcomes in their classrooms;
Complete lateral entry requirements through the TEACH Charlotte TNTP Academy during their first year teaching to earn North Carolina licensure.
Committed educators attract other committed educators; therefore, principals and current teachers are the key to helping us attract the community’s brightest leaders to become teachers.

As soon as possible, refer any high quality professionals who you think would make great teachers to our website, to apply to teach or help share information about this opportunity to others who might be interested in applying. The early application deadline is Dec.19.

We know that teacher quality is the most critical factor in raising student achievement for all students, regardless of background or socioeconomic status. TEACH Charlotte is committed to recruiting and preparing high-quality, effective teachers who will raise student achievement in the classrooms that need them most.

Feel free to contact Mallory O’Connell, TEACH Charlotte site manager, with any questions or suggestions.

TEACH Charlotte contact information:
980-343-5886 | |
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Monday, November 14, 2011

CMS report: No safety data

Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board member Kaye McGarry provided the Observer a copy of the school-closing report interim Superintendent Hugh Hattabaugh decided not to distribute last week.

It contains no information about safety or discipline at Harding High or any of the other 35 schools that saw change because of school closings and mergers.  Instead,  it lists enrollment,  mobile classrooms and teacher vacancies at the affected schools.  View it here.

McGarry and two other board members had asked Hattabaugh to report on issues connected with the closings;  they all cited concerns about safety and order at Harding,  which almost doubled in enrollment after taking students from the closed Waddell High.  When the board voted 8-1 to wait until December to hold that discussion,  Hattabaugh had his staff keep the written report.  The Observer requested it,  noting that is is a public document,  and spokeswoman LaTarzja Henry said CMS will provide it.  McGarry forwarded the copy sent to board members Friday night.

McGarry replied to Hattabaugh that  "it does not address tension and safety issues at any of those schools ... please advise."

Roberts: "I am ready for the road ahead"

Mecklenburg commissioners Chair Jennifer Roberts announced today she won't seek re-election next year. Click here to read her prepared remarks.

Roberts first joined the board in 2004, and said she'd planned to serve in the role for no more than eight years.

In her announcement, Roberts said it has been a difficult tenure with deep cutbacks to services and jobs since the recession. But she said the county has "turned the corner on this crisis," noting the county has kept its triple-A bond rating with credit agencies.

She pledged to make the coming year "my most dedicated year ever."

"I look forward to continue working on the issues that make our county strong: education, environment, responsible fiscal management and most importantly job creation. And I am eager to help showcase Charlotte and Mecklenburg County to the rest of the world during the DNC."

Roberts' said she isn't stepping away from public service and "is exploring new pathways to serve our region and our state, as we strive to be the best in which to live, work and recreate ... I am ready for the road ahead, for we still have far to go .. together." -- APRIL BETHEA