Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Order: CPA license 'permanently revoked'

The N.C. State Board of Certified Public Accountant Examiners has announced that the license of Jerry Blanchard, 49, has been permanently revoked because his felony conviction violates state CPA regulations.

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The Indian Trail man pleaded guilty earlier this year to threatening President Obama, according to a state board.

Blanchard was charged in August 2008 on two felony counts of "knowingly and willfully … threatening to kill, kidnap, and inflict bodily harm upon U.S. Senator Barack Obama," then a Democratic candidate for President, according to a federal complaint.

- Steve Lyttle

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Anonymous said...

Good he needs to to have them revoked!!! ANYONE OF ANY SKIN COLOR making threats needs to be properly and openly reprimanded. There are alot of ugnorant people in this world who like to throw out the RACE card but they are so IGNORANT that it's a shame.
That's why I can say from experience that at least the KKK has balls to display their IGNORANCE.....unlike the ones who wear business suits and ties and sit in their boardroom meetings telling RACIST JOKES!!!