Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meck commissioners: Health reform needed

Mecklenburg County commissioners late Tuesday approved a resolution calling on federal lawmakers to pass comprehensive health care reform.

The resolution -- which you can read here -- cites several statistics, including one that showed about 90 percent of patients to the Mecklenburg County Health Department in 2008-09 reported having no health insurance. It also states the county gave $18.6 million for indigent care to local hospital systems in the last budget.

Chair Jennifer Roberts said the National Association of Counties has asked leaders across the country to pass resolutions calling on the health care reform.

The resolution was approved by a vote of 5 to 2. Voting in favor were Roberts, Dan Murrey, George Dunlap, Dumont Clarke and Vilma Leake. Voting against were Karen Bentley and Neil Cooksey.

Bentley said she is acutely aware of the need for reform, but said there may be some unintended consequences if it doesn't happen effectively. She urged leaders not to rush into making a decision.

You can watch the commissioners meeting here. Click on the link for the Sept. 1 meeting, and on the scroll down menu choose item 33.

- April Bethea


diggndeeper said...

Do not be confused by those who "say" they have no health insurance versus those who know how to work the system and end up not having to pay anything by going to the county health department.

too said...

Nothing we say here will matter to this illustrious Meck county commissioner group. Its what THEY want as remember, we work for them not the other way around. Bunch of liberal zeros!
Lots of people manipulate 'the system' and wonder just how many of those people 'without insurance' were illegals or people who could afford insurance but had other 'priorities' and just chose not to pay for insurance? Ever think of checking tax records of these people or how about asking for status to make certain they truly 'qualified' for it vs having some idiot in triage that would just allow anyone to obtain medical services.
I am so sick of these manipulative statistics people are using to make their point. These commissioners are part of the problem and NOT part of the solution. Remember we can change this at the ballot box..
Just yet another liberal, manipulative story from 'the disturber'

Anonymous said...

We are all tired of elected officials telling US what to do. Some how we need to stand up and tell them what we want and need or Vote them out of office. Unfortunately the damage may be done before that happens.