Saturday, September 19, 2009

Myrick warns of dangers in health overhaul

On Saturday, Rep. Sue Myrick, a Republican from Charlotte, delivered the GOP's weekly radio and Internet address. She said the Democratic health care overhaul plans could mean life-threatening delays in treatment. Read her remarks below, as provided by the Republican Conference:

Hi, I’m Congresswoman Sue Myrick from North Carolina’s 9th District.
Nine years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I knew something was wrong with my body – but it took six doctors, three mammograms and one ultrasound before they finally they found my cancer. This process took only a few weeks.

Under the government-run healthcare system they have in Canada and the United Kingdom, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to get those tests so quickly. One international study found that three times as many citizens in those countries wait longer than a month to see a specialist. When it comes to life-threatening diseases like cancer, delay could mean death.
Every family that confronts a serious illness should have access to the highest-quality care at the lowest possible cost – with no delays.

Replacing your current healthcare with a government-run system is not the answer.

These so-called healthcare reform bills have different names: a public option, a co-op, a trigger. Make no mistake, these are all gateways to government-run healthcare.

For small business owners, these proposals mean higher taxes at a time when unemployment is nearing 10% and analysts are predicting that any kind of recovery will be a jobless one.

As a former small-business owner, I can tell you from experience, that this is the worst possible time to be imposing new, job-killing taxes. In fact, the nation’s largest small business association found the health care tax increases being proposed would lead to the elimination of more than 1.6 million jobs.

And for seniors, expect massive cuts to Medicare; which is unacceptable under any circumstances. Doing this now, without implementing significant reforms to make the program more efficient, would leave seniors susceptible to the rationing of care.

All of this comes at a price tag of roughly $1 trillion in the midst of a year in which the government continues to set new records for red ink.

It’s time we heed the American people’s frustrations with the increased spending and big government growth going on in Washington. There is another way to reform healthcare – and options we can agree on to move forward. Please go to to learn more. I’m Congresswoman Sue Myrick. Thank you for listening.


Anonymous said...

And Sue Myrick is "Everyman?" I don't think so.

Maybe it's time for someone else to say, "You Lie?" I wonder.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing Sue had great insurance provided by congress. If she was poor, uninsured, had a pre existing condition she probably would be dead or bankrupt by now. What a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

It’s a shame that people screaming about “slowing” down health care reform weren’t screaming before we went into Iraq. Or, perhaps, going into Iraq was their wake-up call? I have listened to this notion of “taking it slowly” and how thinkers like this say “we all know we need to reform health care” and wonder what exactly the GOP was doing while the controlled Congress and the Presidency 12 years and 8 years (6 of these years concurrently!)?

I realize that the Right hates it when the Left brings up Bush but seriously, do they think that ideas on health care reform started in January 2009? Part of the truth, in my humble opinion, may be that they can’t stand to see health care reform in the US — particularly health care reform that would include coverage for all Americans — becoming law while they are essentially out of power.

Finally, I think the German health care model, in place now over 120 years, is an excellent one and probably closest to one envisioned by Obama…a coupling of private and public health care that offers a great depth of “choice”…

Anonymous said...

"It's a good thing Sue had great insurance provided by congress. If she was poor, uninsured, had a pre existing condition she probably would be dead or bankrupt by now. What a hypocrite."

I couldn't have said it better myself. Bravo. Better yet, for all those people with Medicare who are protesting against reform, turn in your cards tomorrow and try to get private coverage. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Typical Republican scare tactics.....and what kind of plan do you have that is better? Check out the "contributions" that she and the others received from the drug and healthcare Lobby!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Myrick wasn't concerned with spending when she voted for Bush's tax cuts or the Iraq war supplemental bills that were passed by the Republicans. This is just some more propaganda being spread by a hypocrite who doesn't tell you from where she got her information concerning other country"s health care systems. It is time for Myrick to go to the house and collect her government pension plus the health care package she will get.

Anonymous said...

She is so right! I OBJECT so strongly to this Marxist boondoggle I wilI LEAVE this Commie country as I know who will get the d- bill for the 60% who PAY NO D--- TAXES T0 RECEIVE EVEN MORE WHILE SITTNG ON THEIR FAT A****!

Anonymous said...

ok, put your right knee down and remove the pointed hat, the US is the most capitalist nation on earth and still 37th in health care. Sue Myrick is a lock step Republican politian with no original thoughts and absolutely no feeling for the american people.

Anonymous said...


Mary said...

"This process took only a few weeks."

That's because she's a privileged American. Most of us would have to wait three weeks to see one doctor.

"... expect massive cuts to Medicare." This is a lie.

"$1 trillion in the midst of a year..." Not in one year, but over ten.

Democrats agree with the Republican options at Why doesn't the website say so when it talks about the Democrat Plan?

Richard said...

Rep. Myrick, I hope you read this post about my experience with health care. Its great that you had insurance when diagnosed with cancer. Your plan worked great. Good for you! What about those who are born with disease and cannot get health care. What about my son, 23 years old, 6', 180 lbs who is in perfect physical condition. He does not smoke or drink, eats right and works out daily. He is self employed and cannot get health insurance due to epilepsy. Why don't you care about him or the thousand's of North Carolinians who cannot get insurance due to pre existing conditions? Please, Rep. Myrick, all Americans should have access to health insurance. If we cannot get it thru Blue Cross or the other companies then we should have the option to join a government plan. Instead of supporting reform, you campaign to stop it. You offer no options, just status quo. Your party speaks of death squads. Rep. Myrick, the insurance companies denying coverage to those with pre-exiting conditions are in fact death squads and your speech yesterday supports them. Shame on you. I hope the next time you visit your doctor, you think about those who cannot see a specialist, or afford medications because they have been denied coverage.

Anonymous said...

Jake) go to This is where you son can get insurance that is reasonably priced. It is not free as it should NOT BE, however, it appears most of these people on this blog appear to believe insurance, along with all of their living expenses should be free. Those who are waiting free insurance, do you have direct deposit for 'your check" ?
Sue is right, and you may wish to read the latest bill and IF you have any intelligence at all about the way this corrupt government worked, you would see this is about growing government and that is all.
There are many other ways to get people who don't have healthcare insurance as polls have shown that 85% of us like our insurance IF this were not about growing government, then 'why' do they not take the 10 million who don't have or can't afford and just do something for them?
Answer: This is about taxes, growing government, having to account to government and government being in control of EVERYTHING in YOUR LIFE!
It won't stop with healthcare.
With Cap and Trade, your electric bill will skyrocket and there will be extra taxes. Even BO said, 'your taxes will skyrocket.'
Then we have 'card check' coming. That is about unionizing the employees at places like Lowes, Home Depot, Wallmart, and small businesses.
Because the unions get behind and elect people who will 'do-for-them' like big labor elected BO & Co this past election.
What did they get for return? GM employees now own part of General Motors!
This country is turning into a Marxist country with BO at the helm. BO wants to rule the world and has a plan to do so....
Wait until BO wants to 'fix' the money problems to re-pay the debt when China refuses to buy our debt which is coming very soon.
BO sets our currency, our dollar to the gold standard, your dollar in your wallet becomes worth 1/2 of what it is worth now, and it cuts the debt Washington is looking to re-pay in half!
Again, its all about government ant BO & CO being the hero!
We are just solving all of our problems with BO & CO aren't we now???
You have LOST 50% of the value of your money in your pocket, but government has grown huge, you have 50% of the money you had prior to BO & Co taking office. This country is headed straight into a depression with this guy at the helm!
Read some history! For those who do not know, history is going to repeat itself!
We only have been thru the home mortgage fiasco and look what it has done!
Next we have commercial defaults.
Then we have credit card defaults.
Then we have automobile defaults.
These 3 have not even begun!
We CANNOT allow healthcare go to thru if just for these reasons, as to allow this beginning of a GOVERNMENT POWER GRAB will mean the end of the USA as we know it now!
Wake up people, this is all interrelated.
I am an independent and listen to Glenn Beck, Fox news daily at 5pm. Glenn Beck is tying all of this garbage together.
Glenn Beck exposed Acorn for who and what they were.
Check it out and BEFORE its too late and this country is GONE, which it will be and the government will tell YOU where what you can do, and when you can do it.
Listen to the only news station that IS telling us the citizens of the USA this information as the 'regular channels' are not telling this stuff.
The regular stations are 'in-bed' with our marxist leader.
There are those who will watch Glenn Beck, and there are those who DON"T WANT TO LEARN, but rather just sit and complain. If you are the latter, YOU are part of the problem.
An old saying:
There are those who make things happen
There are those who watch things happen and There are those who WONDER WHAT HAPPENED! The majority of people writing on this blog are in the latter and while there is still time to educate yourself, as education is something that NO ONE CAN TAKE AWAY FROM YOU,

Anonymous said...

THIS statement alone accounted for many of his votes to be elected.
Now, IF this healthcare IS so great, then WHY does congress not wish to be included in it?
The idea of putting congress under the SAME healthcare we have WAS brought to the floor of congress and was defeated unamiously!
Answer: This government run healthcare, the rationing of healthcare. The co-ops is a disguise for government run healthcare. The 'trigger' will trigger government run healthcare.
YOU have to ask yourself the question, those of you wearing the Obama teashirt and believe HIS to be the savior: IF this plan was/is so good for all of us, then WHY did CONGRESS elect NOT to become PART OF IT?
That one answer in and of itself should tell you what you need to know in order to get behind the rest of us who are doing our best to defeat it!
As once it passes, the phyicians leave medicine which is already happening, the waiting lines form and you are told you can not have what you need, you will say, 'I want the old healthcare back' but it will be too late!
I would like to congratulate our SC congressman, Mr Wilson for having the guts to stand up to BO and call it like it really it.
Barrack Obama IS a LIAR!

Anonymous said...

At 65 years old, I am in that age group that will have healthcare either rationed or denied because of my increasing inability to contribute to society, regardless of my past contributions. See E. Emanuel's position and that of his brother R. Emanuel, from whom Barrack Obama draws his positions (in his own words). This is exactly the position of Great Britain and Canada, with coverage denied. If you are not in this age group, ask yourself how you are going to feel watching your parents deteriorating because of slow or non-existant healthcare.
If Sue Myrick gets gov. healthcare and is not subject to this, I cannot be concerned for that does not affect me and anyone else for that matter. What I have to be concerned about is quality healthcare for me, which the proposed demo healthcare is not- and that is a no-brainer if you read what is being proposed.
Ask yourself, what medical professionals are going to remain in business with a 20% reduction in pay, plus increased malpractice costs? That, by itself, will slow down timely healthcare for life threatening situations.

Allan said...

"As a former small-business owner, I can tell you from experience, that this is the worst possible time to be imposing new, job-killing taxes. In fact, the nation’s largest small business association found the health care tax increases being proposed would lead to the elimination of more than 1.6 million jobs.
The insurance rates have gone up 97% since 2000 in North Carolina. This has lost many millions of jobs. This is the Republican Plan, How ya feel??

BHatfield said...

Hey lady, we would like the same chance to get treatment that your fat government salary provided you. Unfortunately, you are going to have to roll up your sleeves and do some actual work this fall. Shut up and get to work. Your party has no actual ideas so you just need to work within the framework already proposed because we will get rid of you if you get nothing done. That is no longer acceptable from our temporary employees in Washington!

Anonymous said...

I think Sue believes the average person gets the same treatment from their health insurance company. It usually takes one or two formal, written protests to get them to approve anything that costs them money (if you're lucky). Insurance companies only got involved in medical insurance in the 50s or 60s I believe. If they won't insure everyone equally, why keep them? They have the "death panels" guarding their profits, not the gov't.

Anonymous said...

Health Insurance needs to be an individual responsibility- not provided by our employer- they don't buy our cars or homes. And we should not give elected officials insurance.

The system works great for people employed by corporations that can negotiate rates. It works for no one else. Well, except apparently congress.

Reform is needed, but I'm not sure this reform is headed in the right direction. I'd like "affordable" defined by the gvt as a % of income we can expect to be paying. I'm not sure Obama's plan is much more than a way to force people to pay a premium for an insurance plan with no limits on care. That could make policies MORE expensive for all. How much should we pay? I can currently find premiums that range from consuming 10% to 35% of my income depending on benefits.

I worry that he is taking our right to chose to forgoe maternity coverage or elect to choose from limited providers in order to save money.

Anonymous said...

These peoples religion is republicanism and every word that they utter is political in nature.

The right thing for the country nor the right thing for the citizens of our country matters not, it's all for the greater good of the monied and the corporate that support this immoral party of greed.

Doing the right thing not the republican thing is not even remotely on their rader.

We are our brothers keeper weither the GOP likes it on not and your Bible remind you of that over 2100 times.

Good day.

Anonymous said...

It would be great if Sue Myrick (and the Republicans) introduced a bill that includes the same government-run health care plan that she's had for years. Other than that I'd like to see her propose terminating the VA, Medicare, and the Congress health care plan.

Anonymous said...

"One international study found that three times as many citizens in those countries wait longer than a month to see a specialist." Jesus Christ, why the fk am I in college, citing my papers and this woman is an agent to political socialization ..seriously addressing the public with "one international study found.." Which study lady, which one! Can we send all Republicans back to skool? Can we please vote for educated public officials. This is why our Country is so, messed up..we let uneducated people make the decisions for us. I'm Ron Burgundy?

Anonymous said...

"At 65 years old, I am in that age group that will have healthcare either rationed or denied because of my increasing inability to contribute to society, regardless of my past contributions."

Where does this fantasy originate? Let me guess...Fox News and the GOP.

What is it about "fear mongering" people don't understand? The tool is well-tried and worked wonders among the Fascist camps in the 20's and 30's...replace Jews and liberals with Democrats and keep gays, intellectuals, artists, Socialists and Communists and you've got the Nazi's recipe for success.

Anonymous said...


Either you are a member of top 10% income bracket or you don't understand fiscal issues or both.

The Republicans (including Myrick) conrolled both houses of Congress for 13 years from 1994 - 2007. and, for 22 of the past 29 years. During this time, they ALSO controlled the Presidency for 20 of the 28 years since Ronald Reagan became President. The CONTROLLED the government....and your angry NOW? Wow. Keep whining and screaming and having your temper tantrum. Now, maybe, the working classes of America can get some help.

Anonymous said...

The German model is excellent.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Myrick vote for Buxh's extremely costly Medicare drug prescription plan in 2003? Suddenly she's acting conservative? Gimme a break.

Anonymous said...

Bull$hit you idiot liar Myrick !!!!!

We gave your silver spoon brat boy biggest spender and biggest government war monger liar neocon puppet a shot for 8 years even though it was all rigged from the gitgo.

NEVER in American history have we seen such a piece of trash as Bush and these wasteful corrupt fraudulent GOPs and this old bitch Myrick has the nerve to talk her garbage when medical costs are out of control and bankrupted this government for 100s of trillions?

What about GOPuke Bushs "American Dream" sucking all the minorities into the crooked Morgage scam costing 2.5 quadrillion while bakrupting the 1st world naions who bought into this neocon housing bubble derivative scam? We know Bush let 20 million illegals into America to build those millions of foreclosed homes.

What about the 2 bogus neocon wars Bush put America in after he stood by and let them rig a 911? Are we supposed to be that gullible to believe all these lies? Both towers were rigged with explosives and the planes run by remote control. Dumb arabs could never fly 747s into these targets after 2 mos training on single engine Cessnas. What a joke.

911 was 100% a total complete rig and the WMD lies from Bush and his mouth piece Colin Powell.

Torturing criminal Bush and his GOPs ruined America for 8 yrs. Everything doubled or tripled in size including govt debt etc. America was hated.

Stand aside you lying GOP old ho and shat yer stupid piehole. You are a joke like your whole party.

Medical care is asininely ridiculous in costs. Something has to be done. Get lost. Take a hike. You blow like your idiot GOP azzholez who wasted America for 8 stinking yrs and ruined this nation.

CROOKZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sue Myrick is just another big government hypocrite.

She, along with nearly every Repub in the House, voted for Bush's Medicare prescription drug benefit plan in 2003.

It was originally projected to cost taxpayers $400 Billion, but two years later, the cost estimates were revised to $1.2 TRILLION!

Coincidentally, this vote came shortly before the 2004 mid-term elections. Can anyone say 'vote buying scheme'?

Republicans like her are to blame for the runaway spending by the debt-ridden federal govt just as much as the Democrats are.

And the voters who put people like her in office deserve the blame as well.

Anonymous said...

Arabs are def dumb as hell. Why else would they strap on bombs to blow up themselves and kill others to get 77 virgins in their mythical heaven for pagan moon god Allah?

We can def believe the failed dumb arab 1993 attack on the WTC under Clinton where the dumbazzes rented a truck. This is dumb arab raghead mentality. They were all arrested and all they caused was a lot of smoke damage.

We cannot believe though the massive mega complex rigged 2001 attack on the same WTC where allegedly 30 yr business Bush family friends bin Laden schemed the whole thing 10k miles away in some remote Afghan cave with a cell phone as his 19 Saudi ( not Iraqi ) hijackers completed an elaborate impossible feat that went over with minute perfection like a Mission Impossible fictional movie and was later used as a catalyst to "democratize" the muslim world with 2 insane wars of choice that was supposed to be expanded to many more.

We know the derivative scheme was used by the neocon bankers to prop up the Bush economy when Greenspan dropped rates to 1% in 2003 and of course lost 3.5 quadrillion and counting today in failure.

We know the WMD lies and how nauseating to watch token Powell lie like hell to start 2 neocon Bush wars and then chug over to Obama like nothing happened. Powell should be jail and given lethal injection for his lies along with all others like Bush Wolfowitz Perle Feith etc.

Unfortunately Obama has sold out now and become a war monger proving any snake DC politicans lie to get their foot in the door and then they do a 180.

So far there seems to be no difference between Bush the baptist and Bama the mutt messiah and the 3rd term of neoconism goes on with massive debt war destruction.

Bama is shooting himself in the foot speaking with forked tongue though saying illegals cant get his med program and then next wanting to make them legal to get it. This is an insult to people intelligence obv doing this to retain power in 2012 with their votes. Nobody is fooled.

Myrick needs pipe down. Her side shot its wad with the idiot brat Bush and blew it. America really needs another social lib fiscal conservative like Bill Clinton in 4 yrs who did not cater to either side in Israel and ran the best economy in history without going to fake wars. Bush nor Bama is the answer to America.

America needs Bill Clinton for a
3rd term in 2012 in order to survive. Make an exception to the rule. He is the only answer and far smarter than any prez in US history 100 times over.

Anonymous said...

These responses are so telling aren't they? People who are for health care reform have rational fact based comments. Those opposed quote Glenn Beck.

Anonymous said...

we applaud myrick.
on another note why didnt the local media report the recent horrific beating of a white student on a school bus at belleview high school by black student racists? very disturbing hate crime on a public school bus that got zeop attention by the lib media. watch at your own risk to see reality hate racism in action. very graphic. reports are the white student was hospitalized and lost hearing and eyesight.

JT Lancer said...

RE: "Make no mistake, these are all gateways to government-run healthcare."

Know what else is a gateway to govt-run health care? That Medicare prescription drug benefit plan that you, Mrs. Myrick, voted for in 2003.

You know, the one that the Bush White House said would cost $400 Billion or so; then, two years later, the taxpayer cost was revised to $1.2 TRILLION?

Why was govt control of health care alright when a Repub was in the White House, but not now?

Anonymous said...

Obamacare will not save you one penny if you are paying for insurance now.
Your just gonna get a tax increase.
Wait & see.

Anonymous said...

For all of you that believe every word out of Obama's mouth regarding the Republicans having no ideas about healthcare reform, here is a link to HR3400. This is the Republicans alternative plan to the Democrats HR3200. This plan was released back in back in JUNE 2009. Why haven't you seen or heard of this before. Simple, because the Democrats and Obama never intended their to be debate and wanted to cram healthcare reform down the American publics throat before they knew what hit them. The mainstream media has also been complicent in hiding this from the American public by repeatedly failing publicize the Republican plan and instead portraying the GOP as the Anti-Reform party.


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