Thursday, July 16, 2009

Which grads got big bucks?

Myers Park High raked in the biggest pile of academic money, while Butler topped the athletic list, according to the annual Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools tally of scholarship offers.

The district likes to keep track of the ever-growing pile of money being offered to grads as a sign that CMS students are academically attractive and competitive.

And speaking of competitive, students, families and alums often like to see how each school fared compared with the others.

But while the tallies can be fun, they're not a clear predictor of any student's odds of getting help with college costs. A high tally may mean lots of students got aid, or it may be boosted by a few stars who got lucrative offers from several schools.

Click here to see the school-by-school breakdown.

- Ann Doss Helms


Anonymous said...

Great Job Sr. Bulldogs...too bad the CMS BOE is trying to dismantle the schools population in new reassignment plan slated for change in 2010. Looks like a lot of the freshman & sophmores will be playing elsewhere in their jr/sr years. Wake up CONCERNED PARENTS & COACHES and pay attention to what is happening RIGHT now with reassignment maps!!

cms watchdog said...

That's Right Anonymous! As I write this several BOE members (Guess which 5 will support it?)are trying to redraw the school's attendance zone to make Butler look more like East Meck or IHS. It appears several of the BOE reps don't like the demographics at Butler-they don't seem to care much about how successful the school academic & athletic programs are. BETTER PAY ATTENTION PARENTS/CITIZENS..CHANGE is coming!!!!