Monday, July 6, 2009

NASCAR: Drivers won't race Mayfield

NASCAR asked a federal judge Monday to renew Jeremy Mayfield's ban from racing, saying officials face "resistance from other drivers refusing to put their lives at risk with Mayfield on the track."

Court papers filed by NASCAR cite comments attributed to Sprint Cup Series driver Jeff Burton, as quoted by Burton reportedly said, "One thing I disagree with the judge on, my safety is important to me. . . . He potentially put my safety in jeopardy by that decision.”

The quote is from a story, by reporter David Newton.

(The complete quote: "One thing I disagree with the judge on, my safety is important to me," Burton said. "If there is an instant test available, then the judge is 100 percent right [to let Mayfield back]. There is no instant test. He potentially put my safety in jeopardy by that decision. The other decision puts Jeremy's career in jeopardy. So what do you do?")

Mayfield was suspended May 9 after failing a random drug test, and NASCAR said he tested positive for methamphetamine.

U.S. District Court Judge Graham Mullen last week cleared Mayfield to compete. Mullen said the chance of a false positive on his drug test was "quite substantial." NASCAR disputes Mullen's conclusion, and says Mayfield poses a threat to public safety. NASCAR also filed a notice saying it plans to bring the case before a federal appeals court.

In Monday's filing, NASCAR also said an expert for Mayfield said the "level of methamphetamine revealed by Mayfield’s urine test indicates that Mayfield may be a chronic methamphetamine user."

Click here to read the court papers.

Mayfield has denied using illegal drugs and said he believed a combination of a prescribed medication and an over-the-counter medicine created the positive test.

- Doug Miller


Anonymous said...

You would KNOW it would be Burton. Whenever ANYONE at NASCAR gets "the urge", Burton is always ready to fall to his knees, if you get my drift.

Ryan said...

Who gives a crap. There are people dying in Gaffney and this crap makes Headlines

Anonymous said...

Drug testing is one of the most unconstitutional undertakings a individual will ever experience.

I have no problem with testing for reasonable suspiscion but pre-employment and random testing should be outlawed.

Marijuana will stay in your system up to 45 days depending on the frequency of use and the metabolism of the user. Cocaine will be out of your system within 3days.

I have no problem with anyone using marijuana and having to interact with me the next day. Cocaine and other drugs is a whole another story.

False positve test are a dime a dozen.

cherry1972 said...

someone should get the ACLU on this. He is someone who could be a great spokesman for ADD or even autism. They should be countersued for causing this mess. WHy should he undergo this drug thing. He is stuck.

Anonymous said...

Burton is such a weak kiss-up. The way they wreck each other all the time they drive like their all on something.

Anonymous said...

That's not a surprising comment from Jeff Burton. He's working on his political skills to run for US Senate. NASCAR screwed up and didn't test the B sample with another company. Give me a break, Jeremy is not a "meth head". This is NASCAR being a bully on their ride down the tubes.

John said...

For those bashing Burton, his comments (taken in full) are right on. He is absolutely correct in his assessment. All he was trying to do was point up the "no win" nature of the decision.

NASCAR's filing did the very same thing the news media routinely does with quotes from celebrities and politicians (especially those they don't agree with), they only partially quoted him and left out anything that didn't directly support their point of view!

NASCAR's quote of Burton was (as was said of Bill Clinton's comments about Monica... "factually correct, but misleading".

Oh, and for the guy claiming random testing is unconstitutional, I hate to burst your bubble, but the US Supreme Court (the only opinion that really matters on the subject of Constitutionality) disagrees with you.

I was dealing with random testing in the military 30 years ago. Suck it up and deal with it. If you aren't doing it, you have nothing to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Adderall is a methamphetamine. Do the research folks. Adderall is a low doseage methamphetamine used to treat ADD. This is why is showed up positive for meth it is meth!!!! Not enough to get high but enough to counter the effects of ADD.

Anonymous said...

This is only about ratings, including NASCAR !

Anonymous said...

Who gives a crap about what Burton says! He's a kissass and always has been! The judge got it right and NASCAR just won't let it go!

Anonymous said...

Pseudoephedrine, the active ingredient in any cold/allergy medicine like Sudafed, Claritin D, Zyrtec D, etc is a precursor for methamphetamine. The "D" stands for decongestant. The two drugs are indistinguishable in basic drug tests.

Anonymous said...

"Divers won't race Mayfield"....who are the other drivers?

Anonymous said...

No stupid, Adderall is an amphetamine... NOT methamphetamine. Big, big difference. I know those 2 words are probably above your grade level, but saying Adderall is methamphetamine is like saying brewed-tea and brewed-beer are the same thing. Geesh.

Anonymous said...

"The two drugs are indistinguishable in basic drug tests."

Well stupid, NASCAR doesn't do basic drug tests. The tests they do are much more comprehensive and can easily distinguish Claritin D from meth.

You people act like NASCAR is a bunch of bozos that don't know how to run a business. They may have a lot of faults, but incompetence and failure to "CYA" have never been their short-comings.

Think about this: If I was falsely accused, I would be hiring a dozen different certified clinics to test my urine and/or hair samples and then proudly provide the results to the media for all the world to see.

Why didn't Jeremy Methhead do his own test??? Umm, maybe because he knew they would also test positive?

Anonymous said...

speaking of drug tests; anyone remember NASCAR's treatment of Tim Richmond and those "drug tests". Iron hand rule

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous who said "Why didn't Jeremy Methhead do his own test?"; He did, and they've all turned up negative. You're a sanctimonious jackass.

Anonymous said...

"If you aren't doing it, you have nothing to worry about."

Well, that's just not true, and you shouldn't be so generous with other people's civil liberties.

All drug tests have finite false positive rates. So the question becomes, given that a person had a positive test result, what is the likelihood that he is NOT one of the FALSE positives. For example, if a drug test has a false positive rate of 1%, and 1% of the people in the tested population actually use the tested drug, then the probability that a positive test result is true is only 50%. (If you test 100 people, on average you'll get one false positive and one true positive. So how do you know which is which?)

The more people you test, the more positive test results you'll get. If the condition you're testing for is very rare in the tested population, most of those positive results will be false positives. If you want to improve the accuracy of testing you have to test more selectively, and treat positive results with the suspicion they deserve. NASCAR did not handle this properly, and the judge is almost certainly correct that there is a high probability that Jeremy is not actually a meth user.

Anonymous said...

"He did, and they've all turned up negative."

Please provide one shred of evidence of this. (Note: Opinions from his so called expert witness, Dr. Harvey MacFenerstein -- the guy with the trumped up and later proven false credentials -- don't count.)

Anonymous said...

You need to read what Jeff Burton really said when asked by the media. All of it. ESPN and Nascar have taken this completely out of context. As a Jeff Burton fan it makes me sad for Jeff and Jeremy. Here's the link to the all he said.

I sent ESPN an email telling them, they had done both Jeff Burton and Jeremy Mayfield a great injustice by only including a tiny part of what Jeff actually said. Of course, it hasn't done any good.

Anonymous said...

Adderall is a mixture of left-handed and right handed amphetamine. "Methamphetamine" (the street drug) is the right-handed form of amphetamine with a minor structural modification: a single methyl group (-CH3) attached to the nitrogen atom.

They are chemically VERY similar to each other, and even some very sophisticated analytical techniques cannot reliably distinguish between them. For example, they would give almost identical electron impact mass spectra.

Almost any bozo can buy some fancy equipment and put together a drug testing lab. It's much harder to do it right. I'm not convinced that this lab did, and the fact that the "B" sample was apparently not checked by an independent lab is very disturbing.

NASCAR screwed up, and Mayfield is right to sue. The whole "driver safety" issue is irrelevant because they have not convincingly shown that Jeremy actually did what they're accusing him of.

Anonymous said...

Mayfield's lawyer insinuated that the amount of drug indicated by the NASCAR's lab would have Mayfield dead or a zombie. Can anyone shed some light on his assertion?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone comment on the use and reliability of the "Hair" test, especially weeks or months after the fact?

Anonymous said...

Brian Rose, Sammy Potashnick, Kevin Grubb, Tyler Walker, Shane Hmiel, Aaron Fike and Jeremy Mayfield. All have failed NASCAR's drug test (except Fike & Potashnick who were busted by law enforcement).

For the most part, all of the above denied, denied, denied. It's the typical knee-jerk defense of a drug user. In the end, it turns out they were just liars (typical of a user).

So before you get too caught up in Jeremy Methhead's pity-party, read the about-faces below.

9/19/07 -- Aaron Fike, a suspended NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver, has pleaded not guilty to heroin charges after his arrest in the parking lot of Kings Island amusement park in Mason in July.

4/8/08 -- Suspended NASCAR driver Aaron Fike admits that he not only secretly struggled with drug addiction for years but also shot up heroin on some race days.

6/8/05 -- Shane Hmiel has hired a lawyer to fight NASCAR about his latest drug suspension. The lawyer is going to have drug test run by Hmiel giving hair, urine and blood samples to prove the NASCAR test was wrong and try to get Hmiel reinstated as soon as possible.

8/16/06 -- In trying to collect his salary from last season, banned driver Shane Hmiel has had to admit that he violated NASCAR's substance abuse policy with a positive test for marijuana in 2003 and a positive test for marijuana and cocaine in 2005.

9/11/06 -- Kevin Grubb was suspended indefinitely when he refused to take a drug test following a second-lap crash at Richmond. Failure to take the test resulted in automatic suspension. The next day, Grubb claimed that his failure to take the test was a result of confusion following a concussion suffered during the race.

5/8/09 -- Kevin Grubb found dead of self-inflicted gun-shot wound to the head. Rick Houston, a freelance writer who befriended Grubb following his 2006 reinstatement, said Grubb was determined to overcome the drug abuse that stifled his driving career. "When we talked it truly seemed like he had his act together," Houston said. "When it happened again, I really wanted to believe his story. That's the story a lot of people wanted to believe because everyone liked him."

4/30/03 -- Brian Rose says he is working to resolve the issues surrounding his indefinite suspension by NASCAR so he can return to competition. He was suspended for not following NASCAR’s instructions on taking a drug test. "I was told to go to a specific location by NASCAR," Rose said. "I went across from that location and checked into an emergency hospital when I should have remained at the designated location. I should have paid more specific attention and detail to what NASCAR told me to do. It was my own fault I didn’t follow specific procedures." He said all of the tests were negative.

9/16/03 -- Former Trucks Series driver Brian Rose is facing criminal charges again after a traffic stop Wednesday, according to a Bowling Green Police Department report. Police said they stopped Rose, 23, after he was seen driving erratically on U.S. 31-W By-Pass. The officer reportedly smelled alcohol and marijuana inside the vehicle. Rose was chewing on something and the officer ordered him to spit it out. The “chaw,” as Rose described it, was marijuana, according to the report.

5/30/07 -- Tyler Walker, a driver in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, has been suspended from competition indefinitely by NASCAR, for violating the sanctioning body's substance abuse policy.

11/30/07 -- Tyler Walker is thankful he failed a NASCAR drug test May 18. He's not thankful for the embarrassment it caused or that he lost his job as a driver for Bill Davis Racing's Craftsman Truck Series team. But he is thankful that after two years of hiding a problem, it was out in the open.

Anonymous said...

Forget NASCAR, Burton, Mayfield and the unconstitutionality of drug testing. The scary thing is I have to share the same public streets with all of you!!!

Here is my solution, all the other drivers should not show up at any race. After Mr. Mayfield/Methhead wins every race for an entire season and there is only a couple of you fans in the stands. Nascar goes out of business!!!
Problem Solved!

I'm with Ryan, who cares!!!

Anonymous said...

Forget drug testing, these NASCAR guys are savvy--they coerced 4 million dollars a year from the taxpayers of Clt and the broke coffers of the city for the "right" to use the name NASCAR on the Hall of Fame. This is where the outrage should be!!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The drivers race with Kyle Busch............what's the difference.

Anonymous said...

Ryan said: "Who gives a crap. There are people dying in Gaffney and this crap makes Headlines"
No ... they're already *dead* so all that can be done is find the killer (and Gaston Co. police have - and killed *HIM*!). Besides, there's room for ALL ndews. The Gaffney tragedy has it's own story so shut your pie-hole about a completely non-related headline. If you don't wanna read it, then don't.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: "The drivers race with Kyle Busch ... what's the difference."
After Saturday night's race in Daytona, there's words of wisdom! Kyle Busch must have a death wish or something ... He's also wearing himself thin - i think. He needed IV fluids before the Cup race because he had dehydrated himself running Nationwide *and* sports cars the same weekend. Kyle ... slow down and live an iota slower, bud!

Anonymous said...

Well stupid, NASCAR doesn't do basic drug tests. The tests they do are much more comprehensive and can easily distinguish Claritin D from meth.

You people act like NASCAR is a bunch of bozos that don't know how to run a business. They may have a lot of faults, but incompetence and failure to "CYA" have never been their short-comings.
Let's all remember: "NASCAR" doesn't administer the tests. They have no credibility in drug testing! They have specially-appointed lab and doctors - real MD's! - and I have been told they are absolutley above reproach. 100% professional and as dead-accurate as Jeremy Mayfiled is guilty - - - of using "meth" as charged.

Whether you're a Mayfield fan or not, NASCAR and their medical gurus have taken every shred of guess-work and speculation out of these tests; how they were administered, when and by whom. Preservation of all samples - no chance of tampering or contamination - with spot-on analysis and so on - - - that would make the folks at any of the CSI labs blush with envy.

Listen up: ZERO errors.

People, the hand-writing is on the wall: He ... did ... it.

Anonymous said...

I have a couple questions.

When a driver gets his/her NASCAR license, isn't he/she agreeing that, in order to play in NASCAR's "sandbox", they will abide by NASCAR's rules? If they don't like the rules, they can go play in a different sandbox.

Why didn't Jeremy just save face by saying "OK, I'll go to rehab so I can continue playing in your sandbox. But meanwhile, I'm going to disprove your findings and then you can apologize publicly".

Also, what gives the courts the right to override the rules (contract) that both parties agreed to?

Do we have a Constitutional right to drive in a NASCAR sanctioned race?

Anonymous said...

To the idiot who said NASCAR's doctors testing is above reproach;
If that were the case, why don't they meet federal standards for drug testing? He was denied the option to have the samples tested by an independent laboratory. And "I have been told" holds about as much water as, "My Momma said.."

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank goodness they've killed the serial killer. Now Ryan can focus on the Mayfield story without guilt.

methmonster103 said...

Hasn't anyone taken into account that addaral has the same chemical make-up as methamphetamine. It's essentially the same drug with a few buffers for time release thrown in. before they ruin this guys life maybe they should do a little more testing and some close supervision over time. Better he lose one season than a career. D.C.Fuller author of 'Meth Monster Crankin Thru Life A Look into the Abyss of an American Drug Pandemic.

Anonymous said...

I helped set up the system used for NFL players in the early 90s.

1. Pee in the bottle. Sign the numbered label.
2. Send the numbered bottle to the lab
3. Send the signed, numbered label to me.

2.a Lab does quickie test.
2.b If positive, lab does GCMS test on the same sample.
2.c If GCMS test is positive, You are guilty.
2.d Lab sends sheets with results to me.

4. I tell Dr. that [insert player name here] tested positive.
5. I send Dr.-signed report to NFL.
6. NFL suspends player according to its rules.

My point? The test fifteen years ago could tell the difference between amphetamine, methamphetamine, nasal spray, and poppy seed bagels.

Argue with NASCAR that druggies should drive. Argue with the court that druggies should drive. The test is accurate, anonymous, and straightforward.

Anonymous said...

By the way. We used Dr. Black's lab back then because the man really does know what he's doing.

Anonymous said...

jeff burton has no right to kiss the as of nascar unless he wants a job with them after he gets out of racing,,and jeff burton needs to shut his mouth up, unless he can prove that he was using drugs,,nascar when up to a real judge not the ones they pay off

Anonymous said...

An interesting read for those that actually post here and read is, "The Dirt Under The Asphalt: An Underground History of Stock Car Racing" by Jack Flowers.

Anonymous said...

IRL Enough said.

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading Jack Flowers book. All I can say is WOW!! What a story! No wonder NA$CAR wants everyone to forget their roots. Only problem is running shine seems to be the least of their worries. Looks like the suits in Daytona haven't changed a bit. Sure hope Mayfield finishes the story Flowers began.

Anonymous said...

Drivers never seemed ot complain about Jeremy before he was sent in for a urine sample about his driving skills but now all of a sudden they're scared?
Why don't they send in every screw-up on the track in for a drug screen starting with Kyle Busch?
I'm ADD also and have tried Straterra, only once. I didn't like the affects and figured that was better off dealing with it myself.
I was wondering why my doctor told me to take it in the morning and not at night.
As far as the doctor or lab that did his urine testing, I question them. If it's the same clown that was on TV, that guy is an idiot! Most kids now more than he does about drugs. He didn't know the answers to easy questions that even I know.

Anonymous said...

Old NASCAR fan who thinks Nascar is just wrong and they are out to get Jeremy. If this was Jeff Burton or Jeff Gordon they would push it under the rug.

Anonymous said...

You know this could happen to any of them. I think its BULL

mush said...

IF Mayfield is innocent,and I think he is,he should sue the shit out of NASCAR.As big and all-powerful as they try to be,they should start looking at the empty stands every week.Going to a NASCAR event is not a priority to fans like it was several years ago.I've been going to races for over 50 years,and it's a whole lot cheaper,and less hassle,to sit on the couch and watch it on tv these days.

spark said...

If goody goody Jeff Burton is so concerned about his safety, he needs to find another line of work. Mayfield is innocent until proven guilty. NASCAR has damaged Mayfield beyond repair before Mayfield has been found guilty. All Matfield needs to prove is doubt, and I think he already has done that. I hope he sues NASCAR and Brian France aka the little dwi drunk.

Anonymous said...

And now he has tested dirty AGAIN.
An addict in denial is a horrible thing to watch.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson signed affidavets stating that they have concern about racing with Mayfield.

An addict rarely sees his problem until it's too late - case in point - I had a fried that drank heavily in high school. After bragging one day in class that his dad found him passed out in the middle of a curve the night before I told him that he was going to kill himself or someone else one day if he didn't stop drinking. Sadly, a few years after graduation, before we turned 21, he was driving home drunk one night and had a wreck that killed his roommate.

Think before you defend Jeremy Mayfield, esp if you are defending him because his "prescribed" drug shows up in a drug test. He didn't inform NASCAR that any drugs had been prescribed to him, so he is in violation of the rules right there.

And now he has tested positive again.

Anonymous said...

I've never been a conspiracy theorist, and I despise those who are, but I serioulsy question nascars integrity these days.

Their whole drug policy was kept secret, not even providing a list of banned substances until after this whole situation came about.

I think nascar has it out for mayfield and they are using their clout to make him look bad, buying off "independant labs" and his step mother.

nascar should have made the drug policy transparent from the get go if they wanted it to be viewed as credible.

don't get me wrong, i'm not a fan of mayfield, but i think nascar is throwing him under the bus because he has a history of being a complainer.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The word on the street was he was on something before it come out. I was told by someone who was working at his house two weeks before this come out that he was on something and was in the bathroom none stop.Hellooooooooo????

phil said...


Matt said...

all you druggies/pro druggies should shut the heck up.

you fail a drug test because you use drugs.

aderall won't produce the high level he failed for.

mayfield has been an idiot since he bagan his career, now we know why.

drug testing is the only way to go. in 25 yers i've never seen a successful challenge to the program my company has, and that's into 50,000 pre employment and random tests to date.

get over it you whiners, he's guilty as charged and a dope head. like a bunch of you are as well.

Anonymous said...

For those of you new fans, NASCAR has faked drug tests in the past. Some one mentioned Tim Richmond, for those of you who don't remember, he tested positve for "illegal substances" which turned out to be Sudafed and Advil.NASCAR then said it was 20 times the recomended dosage and they never did a test for amount.It was later discovered that their doctor was paid to fake tests so Tim could not race. Don't know if Mayfield is innocent but NASCAR sure isn't.

kimberly said...

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Mcseeker said...

This is a man who lets WWE wrestlers pass steroid testing lol