Thursday, July 9, 2009

Subpoena: Who deleted the emails?

Authorities want N.C. State University to provide information on missing emails from former Chancellor James Oblinger's high priority account.

Other emails have shown that former governor Mike Easley was involved in helping to create a new N.C. State position for his wife and that Oblinger was a part of it.

But the university says emails from a special account that would have handled that correspondence have been deleted. The authorities want "any record" showing the date on which such emails were deleted and the "computer user" responsible for the deletions.

Click here to read the subpoena.

The subpoena also shows investigators want to know how former first lady Mary P. Easley was using her time. The new subpoena also requests all documents relating to the decision in 2008 to offer Mary Easley a new position with a higher salary.

- J. Andrew Curliss


Anonymous said...

Can we just stop wasting time and money, and call her GUILTY?! It's so obvious. It is sickening that everything has to be so PC, and we waste so much on blatant criminals.

Anonymous said...

As a person that works in the IT field in network storage...this story is total crap.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand the IT side of things at all. Why do you say the story is total crap?

Anonymous said...

I know this story is stale but I could not help myself. I felt the need to comment to set things straight. I work in IT for the state. Anyone can request anyone else's emails in the local government. A records request was made to retrieve his emails in the time frame in question. When they tried to fulfill this request they discovered his emails were deleted form the archive. Local government has an email retention of indefinately so those emails should be there. Dude, you must be the dumbest IT guy ever, I would love to hear why this story was crap.