Monday, July 13, 2009

King: Panthers tickets appropriate

Former United Way President Gloria Pace King says she had legitimate business reasons to charge Carolina Panthers football tickets to the agency, court papers say.

She said the Panthers tickets were bought at the suggestion of Martin Voss, then the agency's chief financial officer. She said she did nothing improper to obtain them and denied the United Way's contention that they hadn't been used to reward agency volunteers or for other legitimate business purposes.

King said the United Way bought the tickets from 2002-2008 using her PSLs. The purchases did not require board approval because they were less than $5,000. The suit says she does not have records showing the uses or recipients of the tickets.

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The United Way, locked in a bitter court battle with its former leader, accused King of billing the agency for tens of thousands of dollars of personal expenses. In court papers filed late Friday, King offered her first full legal defense.

She contends she is still owed more than $300,000 on her employment contract and a $2 million supplemental pension.

- Eric Frazier


Anonymous said...

What is a PSL?

So Ms King thought is was OK for UW to strong arm clerks making 20K a year to contribute $200. Yet she thought nothing about taking $5000 for tickets. After all it was below the approval requirement. Let the clerks eat cake.

Sad isn't it.

Anonymous said...

A PSL is a permanent seat license. The Panthers were the first pro sports team to offer them and they paid for the stadium. Basically, you own the rights to buy the same seats year after year and can sell the PSL's to others. Kinda like season tickets but with a lot more benefits.