Monday, June 22, 2009

Tonight's debate: Taxes for teachers?

The N.C. Legislature reconvenes at 7 p.m. , and Gov. Bev Perdue wants to raise taxes to protect classrooms.

Click here to read the latest budget proposals. Look under "News and Information" for a list of links related to the 2009 budget.

Topping the list of new items is a list of "budget conferees" who will iron out differences between the House and Senate spending plans.

Sen. Charlie Dannelly and Rep. Martha Alexander, both Mecklenburg Democrats, are among the co-chairs. Click on the links to email them.

Perdue is traveling the state, rallying educators and their supporters in support of raising taxes to protect classrooms. Judging by comments posted on the Observer's report on Perdue's Charlotte visit, people who support her and those who oppose a tax hike feel strongly about the matter.

- Ann Doss Helms


Anonymous said...

let's see;
-current Govonor used lottery money for her own pot
-prior scumbag kept sales tax money due local giovernments
-democarats looted the gas tax money intended for road building/maintenance

we should trust her & the legastature now (fayetville does need a beltway)

Anonymous said...

Keep on taxing and taxing, and soon, none of us will be working, and then what will Raleigh do? I'm sick of these mess, as a working man, I work every day, live on less, as government takes more and more. I'm about to join the ranks of those who don't report any income, and let them catch up to me. I'm sick of sending more and more to people who have failed time and time after time to manage what they already have taken from us taxpayers. Go play in the road til you learn how to manage what is NOT yours!

Anonymous said...

Man I feel sorry for the teachers in North Carolina that voted for Obama and our Gov. Cutting teachers pay is the lowest along with everything jab they have taken at them!

Anonymous said...


LIBERALS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

CMS, like Wake County Schools and Guilford County Schools have a despicable nasty habit the past decade or more of ignoring NC permanent resident taxpayer certified teacher grads who graduate from NC schools and going out of state to get their teachers.
NC permanent residents should have 1st choice and this needs to be a law in Raleigh and only as a lst resort go out of state although it dosent really matter now with the bad economy.

Anonymous said...

As a teacher, I resent the Governor for holding hostage not just my job but the quality of education my students receive to justify a tax increase in an economy in which everyone is struggling. The question is how does this tax increase help NC promote health and safety, education, and business so that we can continue to grow in strength? These are the things we need to worry about not the pet projects that our Governor and legislators promised their constituents and donors during their campaigns. I don't see that it does. It only adds to the reasons people have for moving from the state, teachers included, which weakens it.

Anonymous said...

Perdue is just looking for the teacher vote for her re-election. Since her ratings have gone down and teachers have said they will not vote for her again, Perdue has done a sudden turnaround in terms of teachers. This proves to me she is just out for the teacher vote.

Anonymous said...

This is so crazy, lets add more taxes and create new ways for the gov't to get BIGGER!

How about this, lets go through and evaluate every department and get rid of all the fraud and wasted money ($60K used for trash cans in Charlotte and all the other dumb art projects that waste money) and you will have enough money to hire ADDITIONAL TEACHERS!

Lets see how it works:

- Get elected...
- Add new taxes...
- Give large companies tax breaks...
- Get those large companies to pay you direct with CASH!
- Make threats to public we need more new taxes or else you will lose teachers.
- Commit more fraud and give money to your own interests and non-profits that benefit you and have no purpose.
- Commit 1% of your tax income to ART department that will waste the money on Trash Cans and create crap people could care less about!

Anonymous said...

Here is a great idea, if you don't have enough money coming in from your current taxes and you are losing Millions or Billions a year from wasteful spending then simply add taxes so people lose jobs and companies leave and you end up with even LESS tax income.

Sounds smart to me, keep taxing until we have 25% unemployment. You already created 10% unemployment by making to many regulations, taxes, etc. on large manufacturing companies and making them leave!

Without all the regulation, taxes, and burdens you create for all these businesses you'd still have them employing people!

But you don't care!

Anonymous said...

aint want no hep. aint pain fur no scoo. aint pain fur no teachuh. dun need no gubment ta keep ma money

jus want ma bible an ma gun, naw go way

Anonymous said...

The only tax that should be considered is a small increase in the sales tax. That 94 cent candy bar becomes 95 or 96. Secondly, the increase should be cordoned off and spent ONLY for education...not redirected to other pet projects like a pier in Manteo, etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody noticed that our state has a serious revenue problem? We can't continue to operate the state at the same level we did last year without new revenue. This means we have to increase taxes or find another way to come up with a couple BILLION dollars! As a parent and a teacher, I'm willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the future growth of our state and our children. These changes might include updating our taxing system (which should have been done long ago), paying a couple of extra cents of sale tax on purchases, and taxing luxury or unneccessary items at a higher rate. Whatever it may be, Bev Perdue is looking out for our future leaders, the children we educate each day in our state.

Anonymous said...

This is obscene. I cannot support increased taxes as long as illegals and kids of illegls continue to get our tax money. In CMS the schools hired translaotrs to help these kids! Enough is enough. Deport them. Stop building the hugh schools. Stop providing babysitting to people. Free lunches is being abused big time.

Teachers only get a small portion of the tax money. To say otherwise is fraud. CMS continues to want more taxes to "keep" the teachers. This is a lie. Each classroom of kids costs about $250,000 / yr to educate due to cost of illegals, football and sports we don't need, and hundreds of other programs. This is crazy.

Anonymous said...

I will support an increase in sales tax on so-called "sins" like tobacco and alcohol because these are NOT vital to sustain life or livelyhood. HOWEVER, I will only support this tax (or any other tax) AFTER all illegals benefits are stopped IMMEDIATELY. If you are illegal, you have NO BENEFITS! I cannot tolerate this any longer. I vow to slash my taxes by cheating on said taxes. I do not wish to do this because as long as I get what I am paying for I do not mind paying my taxes. However, extreme Liberals like Perdue will suck the money and life out of every working NC resident to further their own agenda.

Anonymous said...

How about learning to live within your budget? Look at the fat and cut it!

Stop educating illegals they have no rights!

Close down the learning communities (just one learning community's salary is over $700K per year!).

Give the schools the money that you have asked for and gotten before -- taxes, lottery, etc!

Anonymous said...

I believe all the people who voted for Bev, should have to be taxed. I didn't vote for her so, I shouldn't have to participate. Let the democrats pay for this, they asked for it I didn't.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:24 "We can't continue to operate the state at the same level we did last year without new revenue."

Yes genius, you are right. That does not justify an increase though. We can also cut wasteful programs and spend what we have more wisely. There is a LOT of waste in our government. The battle cry "think of the children" doen't work anymore. We have been taxed to death for the kids' sake and had that money misappropriated. No more. And we are not talking about a few cents. Its well more than a few cents and even at a few cents, they add up. I take it you do not teach math or economics.

Anonymous said...

Quit increasing the burden on taxpayers.

If cuts have to be made then this voter expects you to meet the challenge.

Anonymous said...

To threaten to fire teachers if the "little people" refuse to swallow tax increases is truly the vilest of the vile. All the while, pork projects are running up billions of dollars all over the (Eastern) part of the state and people are struggling to make it day to day. It is morally reprehensible, and Governor Purdon't should be ashamed of herself. Too bad she is obviously incapable of shame or self-loathing, given how flippantly she reverses every campaign promise just months after making them.

Anonymous said...

Illegal's use our schools as Day Care - Principles don't allow Teachers to suspend Students - The Education Lottery runs TV commercials every night (how much do those adds cost?) The lottery replaces our tax money from it's profits and goes where?

Big Business and our Government uses Illegal's to drive wages down and we are paying for it in education taxes, crime and rising health care costs so that can be considered another tax break for big business.

Not to mention out-sourcing to India while BoA moves the folks from India (about 80% in some departments all IT jobs) around every 9 months to different positions or gives them different titles to keep them in student worker / tax free status.

How,,, with PAC funds.

Bring back I9 forms and make it a felony to hire or rent to Illegals and allow our Law Enforcement to at least ask the question "are you an American Citizen?" problem solved - no deportation tax dollars needed those who don't leave will end up being arrested if we allow our Police Officers to do their job.

Schools will have about 20% less students and require less baby sitters not to mention students will not be held back from learning due to someone in the e.g. 4th grade who can barely speak English - crime will go down across the board as Illegals do have the highest crime rate but that changed when they made their arrest records non-public records in Mecklenburg County. Anyone wonder why we had a 30% drop in crime this year?

Instead Perdue and all the others who are bought and paid for will ignore Federal Laws on Illegal's while Big Business who we have already bailed out of debt from bad business practices and bought their bad debt / finical derivatives while they continue to out-source American jobs and gain more self appointed power with their PAC funds.

Clinton sent all the manufacturing jobs over seas and opened the boarder the Bush administration assisted in sending our IT / white collar jobs over seas all for Big Business profits / PAC funds.

Then the so called "News" says that Americans are too lazy to work. Well in 1979 I could call a temp agency and work Construction or unload trucks with no experience and make $14/16hr in most cases the next day which I did during the summer to earn money for school. At that time the house I grew up in would sell for 120K which now has a tax value of over 3 million and also while a Network or Application Engineer makes $14/16hr as a contractor.

Also you used to be able to work in a textile plant with no education starting around 35K and if you worked really hard you could get up to 50K in a few years, now I see jobs in the paper with requirements of e.g. 4 year degree MBA preferred, 5 to 7 years experience, salary 40 to 45K contractor position.

Make no mistake it is big business and our government Republican'ts or Democrap's does not matter they both are doing this to us all.

Watch the news and go from FOX to MSNBC then tell me that they are not trying (or have already) divided America.

United we Stand, Divided we Fall - the last thing our Government and Big Business want is for us to unite over anything or have any common ground thus then they can continue to do what ever they want.

Anonymous said...

Here's a "novel" idea for the governor:

Cut the fat out of the budget. If that means paper clips, computers or cars, I don't give a flip--CUT IT OUT and make do with what she's got until we can climb out of this hole, and then operate government like a business and not a charity. Do like so many NC counties/towns have had to do...go back to the boardroom, get your calculator, pencil and eraser and GO TO WORK trimming your over-inflated budget with pet projects for your politcal "friends" instead of asking the taxpayer to GO TO WORK AND PAY MORE TAXES!!! Folks, if this tax increases passes, Katie bar the door! And don't you doubt for a minute when it does pass, you'll hear the back-slapping all the way from Raleigh to Charlotte. The white-headed cronies will be wiping their brows and patting themselves on the back, feeling relieved that they stuck it to us again, all the while laughing at our ignorance and stupidity for continuing to put their lazy and corrupt DEMOCRAT behinds back in office.

What more is it gonna take to get North Carolinians to elect a conservative to Raleigh? Too bad she rode in on NOBAMA's coattails...otherwise Mayor Pat just might have gotten the chance to straighten this state out!!!!

Anonymous said...

Plus, why is she spending money to travel all over the state with her entourage? That can't be cheap, and I guarantee you that her travel expenses would more than pay for a couple of annual salaries for teachers!!!

Anonymous said...

These changes might include updating our taxing system (which should have been done long ago), paying a couple of extra cents of sale tax on purchases, and taxing luxury or unneccessary items at a higher rate.


Here's a newsflash - just a couple of years ago, North Carolina operated at a budget SURPLUS.

The problem was that rather than keep spending to reasonable levels and maybe even save a little for an economic downturn, our "leaders" in Raleigh spent money like it was burning a hole in their collective pocket. So when the economy cooled off (which it was going to do - economies always go in cycles), there was a "budget shortfall."

The problem never was a lack of funding - it was the state spending far beyond its means. Rather than address this issue, meaning cutting unnecessary spending, Gov. Perdue proposes to soak the taxpayers even more. And this at a time when roughly 10% of our workforce is unemployed.

Anonymous said...

Why can we not ASK a person who is applying for FOOD STAMPS and MEDICAID if they are a US CITIZEN? If you aren't a LEGAL US CITIZEN you should NOT BE GETTING FOOT STAMPS, WELFARE, MEDICAID, FREE LUNCH AT SCHOOL!

What is wrong with this picture?!?! They don't pay takes, they make money under the table, and they get all this free $$$ to live in the USA Illegal!

Take this AWAY and deport them. Use this money for teachers to teach our LEGAL students!

Not to mention they are taking jobs we need. Deport every illegal and we will now have enough jobs!

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