Saturday, June 20, 2009

CMPD: One in four pursuits leads to wreck

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police released an internal review of 2004-2008 pursuits that shows the overwhelming majority were justified and 23 percent resulted in a collision.

The review came after Councilman Michael Barnes requested an update during a May 26 meeting. Barnes questioned an incident where Concord police were involved in a pursuit that started in Concord, but resulted in a fatal collision in Charlotte between the suspect and another vehicle.

The report says that in the past 5 years there have been 18 pursuits where another law enforcement agency pursued into CMPD jurisdiction.

These pursuits ended in the following manner: in 6 cases, the suspect fled on foot; in 4 cases, a tire deflation device stopped the suspect; in 4 cases, the suspect stopped voluntarily; in 3 cases, the suspect crashed the vehicle; and in 1 case, the suspect crashed and caused a death.

Click here to read the full report, released Friday.

During that time period, CMPD has had 220 pursuits.

The review shows that of the Charlotte pursuits:

- In 24% the subject eluded the police officer on foot; in 23% of the pursuits the subject vehicle was involved in a collision; in 13% the subject eluded the officer with the vehicle; in 13% the subject stopped voluntarily; in 12% the officer terminated the pursuit; in 9% a police supervisor terminated the pursuit; in 4% a tire deflation device was used to stop a pursuit; and in 1% of the pursuits, the officer was involved in a collision.

The report shows in the last five years, overwhelming percentages (90.5%) of pursuits were justified.

- Doug Miller


Mary said...

Yeah, but what percent involved someone being hurt (other than the suspect)?

Anonymous said...

Obv this is referring to the fatal crash on Mallard Creek Rd.

Why are the 2 trespassing pursuing small town cops not in the Meck Cty jail with the thief killer right now?. They contributed. What a crock to see the police chief exonerate their own. Big surprise. Where is the CMPD investigation to have taken over the chase?

CMPD should return the favor and chase a crook into their town that ends in the death of one of their innocents. Eye for an eye. Sue the thief and the cops.

Joseph Ferreira said...

What is the point in having "LAW ENFORCEMENT" if they are not able to "ENFORCE THE LAW"?

The fleeing suspects should be the ones who are held responsible for the collisions.

A law abiding citizen would not, in their right mind, flee from the police. It is the law breakers that are fleeing the consequences of their own actions.

The day the police are afraid to pursue is a day the criminals have the upper hand.

The police have had their problems with officers who have made mistakes, but I would rather have them do their job then have the criminals commit crime without fear.

Anonymous said...

Why not have a law that all persons who flee the police are liable for all injuries that result, criminally and civilly?

Anonymous said...

How many ended in an arrest?

Anonymous said...


If you are willing to die or lose a family member over a pair of shoes.....knock yourself out.

Your argument holds no water. The law breakers in Concord sufferd very little in compairson to the elderly lady that was killed BECAUSE OF THE CHASE, not becuase of the shoplifting.

I was always told never to trust anyone thats name ended in a vowel.

The Concord case SHOULD be under investigation from the Mecklenburg DA's Office and the Concord Officers should be held accountable.

Joseph Ferreira said...
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Joseph Ferreira said...

If that is the case. Why have police? You might as well take their cars away so that they cannot pursue. That is following your line of thinking.

That pursuit lasted 2 minutes. That is not enough time to figure out if they risk is worth the chase. It was over as fast as it began.

If you handcuff the police, you endanger the community.

By the way, I don't care about your prejudices. They are inconsequential. It speaks volumes about your ignorance and your line of thinking.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the black liberal racist bigot district 8 city council member micheal barnes needs to be impeached and investigatd for his motivations in protecting a criminal killer including hate crime thoughts. whites know black hatred bigotry and racism such as this is ingrained against them and why racist barnes spoke out to protect the killer but would have said nothing had it been a white female killed as tragic as this entire situation is.

Anonymous said...

How STUPID do you have to be to think chasing for a pair of stolen tennis shoes is justified? In some situations a chase is justified but I canot see it in this case. In my opinion the officers are accessories to murder in this case.

If they would spend a 20% of the time on illegal invaders we would all be better served.

Joe, Take your liberal viewpoints back up north.

Joseph Ferreira said...

LOL! Liberal Viewpoint! Thats funny. I thought fighting crime was a conservative viewpoint. Instead, you want to fight the police. I think your priorities are backwards.

Punish the police when they break the law. Here is something to think about:
1. Did they steal from the store?
2. Did they run from the law?
3. Did they commit vehicular manslaughter by crashing their car into the innocent?
The answer to all three is no.

Instead, you want to turn on the individuals who are here to protect us from the IDIOT who decided it was alright to steal the shoes, run from the police, and kill the innocent woman in the other car.

If your answer is "yes", then I am afraid that you are the liberal thinker. Your rational thinking that is soft on the criminals is not conservative.

Unfortunately we live in a time where initial actions are not viewed as the problem. The consequences of the initial action should weigh heavy in this case.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading these post and I must agree the police were an accessory to the vehicular manslaughter. I also read the chase policy and see no reason why this chase should have been started. But looking at the picture of The Concord Chief he looks like a good old boy cowboy. Hey chief, cover up the tattoos...they DO NOT look professional.

Anonymous said...

With all the annexation by this small town with its big mouth 4 ft munchkin little mayor and the large Mills Mall built on the county line to avoid high Charlotte Mecklenburg taxes like the former Charlotte Motor Speedway, this should have been expected.

Clearly this is contributory negligence and the Barney and Goober Mayberry cops in hot pursuit over a petty 2 bit shop lifting thief is par for the course.

Cops in huge metropolitan cities like LA can only go all out to pursue capital offense criminals like murderers hostage takers or bank robbers and certainly not a pair of sneakers.

Reckless endangerment of the public safty over pair of tennis shoes definitely warrents the Mecklenburg DA charging all 3 drivers who are a menace to society at large notwithstanding illegally crossing into another county.

That 75.00 pair of tennis shoes is gonna cost Mayberry taxpayers a couple million. Good work cops! You got your man!

Anonymous said...

I like how someone keeps saying the Concord Officers "illegally" pursued someone into Mecklenburg County. For one thing, they are allowed to pursue criminals into other counties as long as they are in hot pursuit. You need to look up the law before you spout off something wrong like the police officers did something illegal by going into another county.

There are many agencies that have a less restrictive pursuit policy than CMPD and some that have a more restrictive policy.

Anonymous said...

Those redneck hick town cops are crawling like flies all too all over the speedway interstate and mall area. They must need money badly cuz you will be given a ticket for 1-2 mph over the speed limit. They are the worse in nc or the nation and have a rigged kangaroo court system. Stay out of that joint at all costs if you smart espec smalltime crooks stealing shoes.

Anonymous said...

These 2 cops did not follow their own rules that clearly state this must be a felony to pursue. This was nowhere near a felony.

Are we planting evidence too? Now the cops say the male assaulted the female in the car? Please ... Why didnt this come out in the initial report? Sounds like a convenient lie to cover your ass.

This is what gives cops a bad name and the public wonders why cops are hated so badly?

Go get these 2 cops Mr. Mecklenburg District Attorney. Lets stop this endangering innocents lives.

Hotpoint WMUD962P said...

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