Thursday, June 18, 2009

Audit: DSS mishandled Social Security money

Mecklenburg County officials paid for "various programs" out of an account for recipients of Social Security benefits, according to an audit of the Department of Social Services.

The practice, auditors say, is a violation of Social Security Administration regulations.

According to the report:

"The non-guardianship expenditures made from the account are an inappropriate use of the guardianship funds and may be in violation of North Carolina general statutes."

Click here to read the full audit of cash receipts and disbursements.

In response, county officials say they have changed their use of the account.

Officials say effective March 31, "Only expenses related to Social Security guardian funds are expended from the Social Security account."

Click here to read the full response from Mecklenburg County.

DSS Director Mary Wilson, who took over in July 2008, ordered the audit after learning earlier this year about accounting irregularities in a charity program. Read more about the report in today's story, "Audit reveals more DSS problems."

The county paid $93,000 to Cherry, Bakaert & Holland, which studied records from July 1, 2007 through March 31 of this year.

- Fred Clasen Kelly


Anonymous said...

For some reason Harry Jones and his perfect profile photo the media always puts out just never did set right.
Mary Wilson? Gimme a break.

Sounds like the foxes are guarding the henhouses well.

On another note it looks like Mr. Obama and his DNC neocons is another fox guarding the henhouse in DC with all his giveaways and reverse logic of spending taxpayers way out of debt but Bush and the GOP neocons were 100% guilty.

Throw Jones and Wilson out on the carpet and investigate this embezzlement ASAP !!

Michael said...

Absolutely disgraceful. The whole agency needs to be cleaned up and start by taking out the trash. There better be some arrests that come from these "investigations". Seems, some have treated DSS (our money) as their personal piggy bank. Someone better pay. People need to make sure their voices and anger are heard about this thievery. Enough of this BS!


Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous, these people cant even take care of the abused children, and adults that come into their care because of "MONEY ISSUES" they are so quick to give them back to the birth parents instead of keeping them in a stable, loving, CARING enviroment. Giving them back to parents who just gave them life is not good enough! What happens when they end up dead, hurt more because of mommy, or daddys "loving touch" or being evicted again because parents are to lazy to get out and find a decent job. These people rather take the money and use it stupidly than placing it where it belongs. This is still my money that they are taking, and i dont like people messing with MY MONEY!

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