Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pilot saw jet on 'collision course'

An NTSB advisory details Friday's near-wreck at Charlotte/Douglas between a regional jet and a private single-engine aircraft.

Here is the advisory released today:


National Transportation Safety Board
Washington, DC 20594

June 2, 2009




The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating a
runway incursion that occurred on Friday morning at the
Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) involving a
general aviation aircraft and a regional jet airliner bound
for New Bern, NC (EWN).

At about 10:17 a.m. on May 29, a PSA Airlines CRJ-200
regional jet operated as US Airways Express flight 2390, was
cleared for takeoff on runway 18L. After the regional jet
was into its takeoff roll, a Pilatus PC-12, a single engine
turboprop aircraft, was cleared to taxi into position and
hold farther down the same runway in preparation for a
departure roll that was to begin at the taxiway A
intersection. After the ground-based collision warning
system (ASDE-X) alerted controllers to the runway incursion,
the takeoff clearance for the regional jet was cancelled.
The pilot of the PC-12, seeing the regional jet coming down
the runway on a collision course, taxied the PC-12 to the
side of the runway. The FAA reported that the regional jet
stopped approximately 10 feet from the PC-12.

Visual meteorological conditions prevailed with 9 miles
visibility. There were no reported injuries to any of the 42
passengers or crew of three aboard the jet, or to any of
those on the PC-12.


Click here to read the story.

- Doug Miller


Anonymous said...

This is a controller error, lthough both pilots should have had their listening ears on. And yes I fly single engine airplanes into and out of CLT.

Mary said...

I'm impressed with that ground-collision alert system.

Anonymous said...

How is it a controller error? Jet was cleared to take off. Turbo prop was told to taxi and hold. Obviously Turbo prop moved out onto the runway to start a take-off. Sounds like pilot error to me

Anonymous said...

My bad, just read the whole story. Was controller error. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

About the taxi and hold comment earlier.....he was told to taxi onto the active runway and hold before clearance. He was not cleared for takeoff...he was cleared to taxi onto the active runway. Two planes cleared to take off on the same runway at the same time = controller error.

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