Saturday, June 27, 2009

DSS money misspent, receipts altered

Auditors found numerous problems with a Christmas charity run by the Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services.

The now-defunct Giving Tree program collected gifts and donations for children in the county's foster care system

The Giving Tree audit, which triggered an agency-wide probe, found:

- No receipts for a $10,000 check made out to an employee.
- For the remaining $152,289 disbursed, $138,978 in receipt copies were provided.
- Of those 840 receipts, 799 had problems, including:
- Parts of receipts whited out, or omitted in photocopying.
- Altered dates.
- Gift card misuse.
- Multiple submissions of altered receipts.

Click here to read the Giving Tree audit.

- Doug Miller


Michael said...

There better be a serious *criminal* investigation of the corruption and thievery that has gone on at DSS, and people need to go to jail, not just reassigned or forced to resign. Someone needs to pay for the fiasco that DSS has become. Absolutely disgraceful and pathetic.


Anonymous said...

Jones, Wilson, and Foxx probably diverted most of this cash to their church and the phony shell game ops set up out there. Everybody knows it, why isn't it followed up on? Is it because Jones, Wilson, and Foxx are Negroes? Is it because of the Race Card thing? Or is it becasue if the three of them are fired it will cost the County millions of dollars in legal fees and settlement costs? Boy oh boy does something stink here but good.

SandT said...

Why has it taken so many months for this to come to light? Someone fell asleep at the wheel. The audit reveals evidence of gross mismanagement. The entire department should be audited and closely monitored going forward.

Rob said...

From the Observer, "Wilson spent the bulk of her career in the corporate world as an attorney and most recently was executive director of the Friendship Community Development Corp." I wonder what sort of training and preparation she's had to lead a 1200 person government organization?

Michael said...
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Michael said...

About two weeks ago, Carowinds fired and had arrested a young man who helped someone win a stuffed animal, and the Observer plastered his mug on the *front* page of the site. DSS is a *public* agency- release the names of those accused. And start arresting these *criminals*, now.

Why hasn't anyone been arrested in this *criminal* activity? There is a gang of criminals working at the DSS and several of them need to go to jail. What's taking so long? Is the city afraid because the race card will be played? Do something!
Make examples out of these criminals.


Anonymous said...

Does the amount in question include the 25 thousand that this fat broad spent to renovate her office?

Anonymous said...

So homeboy Jones turned it over to his homeboy new police chief who lied about his bogus college degree? At least we know all is now in good hands. yea rite ... Why hasnt our next homeboy mayor Mr. Foxx addressed this issue since we all know his wife got a nice big fat cush job at DSS? What does he and she know?
Meanwhile homeboy Barack keeps passing out trillions his homies ...

Anonymous said...

The level of intelligence in these remarks will make your head swim. If you actually read the document these actions took place under the previous DSS Director. No one seems to know the race of the individuals involved so how is this a race card issue. People get a life other than looking for hate to spew throughout this County.

Lord knows we have enough problems with the revolving door at the jail. If you want to focus on an issue focus on that and we all will be a little safer.

Mary said...

Did the managers of the program actually take some money? Is there another reason for the altered receipts?

If guilty, the thieves should spend six months in jail and all their possessions taken from them.

Anonymous said...

"Lord knows we have enough problems with the revolving door at the jail. If you want to focus on an issue focus on that and we all will be a little safer."

Huh? Try reading the heading a little better and stop trying to divert attention from the real problem. Can we trust black folk with our money? We know that answer. Isnt this why we didnt want Mackey as sheriff around that annual 2 million in cold cash? We are sure he has a freezer too.
Lets have the FBI check Harrys freezer ...

Anonymous said...

you punished other people and call it welfare fraud what do you call this?

par said...

I have said over ten years ago, this was the most crocked operation within Mecklenburg county. Very few people took me serious. Still feel the same way. This is an organization that has carte blanche with funds, without accountability.