Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Today: What's next for DSS probe?

Mecklenburg officials prepared this update for the 2:30 p.m. Audit Review Committe meeting:

Click here to see the county's position on 8 key points.

The suggestions were released in response to reports of misspending at the Department of Social Services. Officials cannot fully account for tens of thousands of dollars meant to help children and poor families.

Details emerged in June of missing and altered receipts from donations meant to buy Christmas gifts for needy kids. In one case, a $10,000 check was made out to a DSS employee. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are investigating.

The Audit Review committee is overseeing an internal county probe into the matter.

Among the recommendations:

* Additional audits of Target vouchers, to identify any fraud or theft, and to learn why there was an increase in vouchers for the store.

* Studying whether to make county-wide changes to its financial structure.

* Considering the need for adding three members to the county's internal audit staff.

Also on today's agenda: The makeup of the Audit Review Committee itself.

Two of the five committee members are county administrators – County Manager Harry Jones and General Manager John McGillicuddy.

County commissioners Bill James and Harold Cogdell have said the arrangement undermines public confidence in the panel's work.

- Doug Miller


Anonymous said...

FIRE HARRY JONES TODAY!!!!! HE is the incompetent clown who took full responsibility for this debacle. When he is gone go back and fire every single person at DSS who had the authority to write a check or use a credit card. You MAY get a few innocent ones, but the vast majority will deserve the termination. Fire the new executive director and her crony hire assistant, anthony foxx's wife.

John Weber said...

Anonymous is nuts. you can't fire staff that are innocent and not end up in awrongful termindation lawsuit. but if anonymous wants that done, then anonymous can pay any and all monies awarded in any lawsuit that arises.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that Anthony Foxx's wife winds up in the middle of DSS during this mess? Reminds me of Mary Easley a little. Also, wasn't Anthony Foxx himself United Way board president some years back while Gloria Pace King was setting up things to fleece this organization. I seem to remember Foxx and Gloria being awfully cozy buddies just a few years ago at this organization.