Friday, August 28, 2009

Candidates give Monroe high marks

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Rodney Monroe enjoys bipartisan, often enthusiastic, support among candidates in the city council and mayoral primary, a survey shows.

Every respondent to an Observer questionnaire approved of Monroe's performance. Candidates were asked to respond to a range of questions.
For instance, in the Democratic race for District 1 - which includes such central Charlotte neighborhoods as Elizabeth, Dilworth, Sedgefield and parts of Central Avenue - both incumbent Patsy Kinsey and challenger Owen Sutkowski support Monroe.

Asked to rate the chief's performance:

Kinsey: "Chief Monroe has done a good job making our neighborhoods safer. He inherited a lot of professional, highly competent police officers when he took the job and they have continued to do an outstanding job under his leadership."

Sutkowski: "I believe Chief Monroe brought a fresh perspective on public safety planning to Charlotte and his community police initiative has served to connect communities to the polices as well as making people aware of the public safety issues in their community."

Checking in with Republicans, five of seven candidates in the party's at-large race used the same word in their answers - "excellent."

- Doug Miller


Anonymous said...

He has reclassifed a large majority of crimes. He did this to make his numbers look good. What was once a Home Invasion may now be labeld a B&E if no weapons were actually seen. This guy is a political chief given the position over white candidates merely becuase of race. There were much more qualified internal candidates.

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