Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Panel: Remove Jones, McGillicuddy from committee

County administrators should not sit on a panel that oversees management's performance, officials say.

That was one recommendation today from the Audit Review Committee, which is is overseeing an internal county probe into reports of misspending at the Department of Social Services.

The final decision on whether to remove County Manager Harry Jones and General Manager John McGillicuddy from the committee rests with the full board of county commissioners.

The committee studied 9 other large governing bodies in North Carolina and found that none of them included staff members on their Audit Review Committees.

Click here to see their survey.

The committee's makeup came under scrutiny after some commissioners questioned whether having staff members conduct audits on the county's performance presents a conflict.

- Doug Miller


diggndeeper said...

Time for Jones and most of the DSS heavies to go period. Send them to New Orleans.

Anonymous said...

They are the reason for the mess the County is in! Why should they be on the "review" board?

Raj said...

OOps. I think the crack reporter forgot to mention it was staff that studied what other counties are doing and it was Jones & McGillicuddy who recommended to the Audit Review Committee that the committee be comprised of Board members and one private citizen, dropping staff as voting members. Ahh, those pesky little details.

Anonymous said...

McGillicuddy? Why? Isnt this just the typical pc tit-4-tat racial balancing act equalizer when the main culprit is CM Jones?

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