Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Phantom budget cuts?

Yes, Mecklenburg County really is making budget cuts.

After county officials unveiled their recommended budget last week, a reader asked whether the county is making actual cuts to its budget. He wrote that in some years, officials and the media talk about “budget cuts” but in fact there is an increase in spending.

He pointed to the school system as a good example of this. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools often gets less from the county than it asks for but more than it received the previous year. While some officials talk about making cuts -- to the original plan -- others note that the district's budget is growing.

So, is there fuzzy math going on this year?

In short, no. Nearly all the departments and agencies the county funds are recommended to receive flat or reduced funding. The proposal calls for cutting county departments by an average of 9.6 percent, CMS by 9.8 percent and CPCC by 9.2 percent.

This chart shows you a comparison of the county's budget from the 2006-07 to the current recommendation.

One of the few exceptions: the county will spend more in its operating budget to pay off its debt for construction. That's mostly due to a change in the county's debt policy to spend part of its reserves to pay for construction projects without borrowing money. Previously, the money had been spent to pay off bonds the county had borrowed.

Think the cuts aren't enough, or go too far? A budget hearing is set for 6 p.m. Thursday. Commissioners will approve the spending plan in June.-- April Bethea


Anonymous said...

Cuts going too far? Who in the h--- are the thieves and FREELOADERS kidding?

Anonymous said...

Why does the city continue to blow large sums of money on things such as train studies, arts & cultural things - all on the silly idea that this out weighs crime prevention, prosecuters, police, sound policies to deter behaviour that the tax payers of meck don't want. If Charlotte isn't careful we will catch what our actions are chasing and that is a DEAD CITY!

Larry said...

Be sure to catch my act tomorrow night around 8PM on the Government Channel.

I will be speaking on the budget.

I suggest you also call and get a spot to speak.

or call 704-336-2086 and leave the information the message asks for do it right now.

They need to know how we really feel about this budget this year.

Anonymous said...

When dealing with any form of Government remember they look at the spending they do as OPM, "Other Peoples Money" therefore they don't care how much they spend. The term budget cuts is just a smoke screen.

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