Friday, May 29, 2009

Knoxville to McCrory: Ouch!

The King of the South debate continues:

“We could’ve easily become a Knoxville, Greensboro or Richmond,” Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory was quoted as saying in a recent Atlanta Journal-Constitution story. “Instead we compete, fortunately, with Denver, Dallas and Atlanta.”

A Knoxville News Sentinel blogger today takes issue with the comment in a post entitled "Charlotte mayor knocks Knoxville."

He notes: "A few years back, the mayor of Charlotte got a bouquet of flowers from his counterpart in Atlanta, but he might not get the same treatment from Knoxville boosters. ...Ouch!"

Observer associate editor Mary Newsom columnist recently weighed in on the matter.

It all started with the AJC article alleging that "Charlotte, the Queen City, maintains pretensions of one day surpassing Atlanta as economic King of the South. Sam Williams, head of Atlanta’s Chamber of Commerce, says dream on."

Click here to read the entire Charlotte vs. Atlanta story.

- Doug Miller


Anonymous said...

Oh these sniping contests...anyway...

I spent 3 years in Knoxville when I went to law school at UT and have visited Knoxville as recently as 2007. They have a wonderful asset in UT that they don't seem to use all that much. They have a beautiful setting but the city itself is not all that attractive. They have better freeways than we do (any city has better freeways than we do, but that's another story.) They're a lot smaller than we are. I would always choose Charlotte over Knoxville as a place to live.

WashuOtaku said...

What is going for Knoxville is the University of Tennessee; beyond that, it doesn't compare to Charlotte. And I agree with the mayor that we are more with Atlanta than Knoxville. I doubt we will ever exceed Atlanta though beyond intercity population.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte will never compare to Atlanta. Yes, dream on. Atlanta is a great city. They have a much better infrastructure in Atlanta than Charlotte will ever have due to lack of vision and cohesion of Charlotte's leaders. And for all the pretentiousness of the people in Charlotte, they cannot compare to the people of Atlanta in class and style.

WMUD962P said...

This Blog is going places, the people, the layout, amazing to see such dedication and focus.