Wednesday, May 6, 2009

CMS magnets: Lottery results

What's full? Piedmont Middle, Montessori programs and traditional elementaries.

On the other end, 14 magnet schools came through the first lottery with no one waiting to get in.

A Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools list shows how many students got into magnets and how many landed on wait lists, by grade, program and school. Numbers will shift during spring and summer, as some students decide not to claim their seats and others fail to earn scores that would get them in.

Click here for the results of this year's first CMS lottery.

Waiting lists are long at perennial favorites, even after the school board revamped the magnet offerings for 2009-10. Piedmont Middle, for instance, will lose its "open" program, shifting all its seats to the International Baccalaureate program that used to make up about half the school.

That means students who don't pass their reading and math exams this year can't get in. Piedmont has the district's longest waiting list, with 444 students,

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is offering students another chance at getting into underfilled magnet schools next year.

Click here to learn more about which schools still have openings and how to claim them (deadline is May 22). - Ann Doss Helms


Anonymous said...

This traditional magnet system is a total sham. All it does is take Myers Park Elementary away from the neighborhood of parents and children who should have every right to sent their kids to school a half mile away. It's a total waste of money to be bussing kids all over the county to go to school there when there isn't really any difference in the "traditional" curriculum and what is taught in other elementary schools.

Give us back our school.

Anonymous said...

The Montessori program is excellent and obviously the word is out. It's time that the Admin dedicate more resources to expanding this program so the waiting lists are reduced. The Montessori schools are the best thing going!

Anonymous said...

Honestly - why would we take neighborhood schools and turn them into magnets then BUS neighborhood kids OUT to 'their' schools?! Seems simple to me that if a kid has a school in h/her neighborhood - THAT's where they go to school. I understand the argument of inequality, but pardon my ignorance...aren't rules are meant to be broken? This is out of hand.

Anonymous said...

If they cut the magnet programs, CMS would save a ton of money on transportation. There are buses running across the district to these schools with less than 15 kids on them.

Jaz said...

Even for those who are not as internet-savvy, it is easy to use an open CMS for your daily tasks.