Friday, May 8, 2009

Hot documents: Week's top 3

CMS cuts, the transit tax, Crosland's memo - those are the topics that drove Paper Trail this week.

Here are links to the documents behind those stories - and Charlotte's fastest week in review:

1. Mecklenburg County Manager Harry Jones said Thursday he's recommending cutting nearly $34 million from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools next year. That would help balance a looming shortfall in the county budget, a move that likely would trigger layoffs of hundreds of teachers.

Click here to see Jones' memo.

2. State lawmakers told city and town leaders Wednesday that if they want the option of asking voters to approve another half-cent sales tax increase for transit, they need to get their "act together" and ask for it.

Click here to read the bill.

3. Developer John Crosland said it's time to attack Charlotte's affordable housing shortage. "Thousands of people are trapped by this system," he says in a white paper circulating among city leaders.

Click here to read Crosland's conclusion.

- Doug Miller