Friday, May 22, 2009

List of county job cuts

Mecklenburg County’s budget shortfall means its departments could lose about 300 jobs, including the layoffs of dozens of employees.

County Manager Harry Jones’ proposed 2009-10 budget calls for 302 fewer positions in the county next year. Of those, 88 are filled and the rest are vacant. About three-dozen of the layoffs are code enforcement inspectors from the Land Use and Environmental Services Agency, whose positions are funded through fees.

Click here for a list of what jobs are being cut, by agency.

The above except from the county’s budget book lists 227 jobs that will be eliminated. However, the county also is cutting funding from another 75 positions. Money for those 75 jobs – which are in the Sheriff’s Office, Department of Social Services and the Community Support Services agency – could be restored if funding becomes available later, said Budget Director Hyong Yi.

The number of jobs that could be cut is fewer than what county officials had announced earlier this year. Before the county said it could lose 334 jobs, including 89 layoffs. Yi said county departments were able to save some jobs by making cuts elsewhere in their budgets.

Commissioners will vote on a budget on June 16. April Bethea

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