Monday, November 14, 2011

Roberts: "I am ready for the road ahead"

Mecklenburg commissioners Chair Jennifer Roberts announced today she won't seek re-election next year. Click here to read her prepared remarks.

Roberts first joined the board in 2004, and said she'd planned to serve in the role for no more than eight years.

In her announcement, Roberts said it has been a difficult tenure with deep cutbacks to services and jobs since the recession. But she said the county has "turned the corner on this crisis," noting the county has kept its triple-A bond rating with credit agencies.

She pledged to make the coming year "my most dedicated year ever."

"I look forward to continue working on the issues that make our county strong: education, environment, responsible fiscal management and most importantly job creation. And I am eager to help showcase Charlotte and Mecklenburg County to the rest of the world during the DNC."

Roberts' said she isn't stepping away from public service and "is exploring new pathways to serve our region and our state, as we strive to be the best in which to live, work and recreate ... I am ready for the road ahead, for we still have far to go .. together." -- APRIL BETHEA


Anonymous said...

She's a Man, Baby...Yeah

Wiley Coyote said...

...if you take 85 North or South, the road will lead you right out of this County.

We're ready for you to take the road ahead.

Anonymous said...

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