Monday, November 14, 2011

CMS report: No safety data

Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board member Kaye McGarry provided the Observer a copy of the school-closing report interim Superintendent Hugh Hattabaugh decided not to distribute last week.

It contains no information about safety or discipline at Harding High or any of the other 35 schools that saw change because of school closings and mergers.  Instead,  it lists enrollment,  mobile classrooms and teacher vacancies at the affected schools.  View it here.

McGarry and two other board members had asked Hattabaugh to report on issues connected with the closings;  they all cited concerns about safety and order at Harding,  which almost doubled in enrollment after taking students from the closed Waddell High.  When the board voted 8-1 to wait until December to hold that discussion,  Hattabaugh had his staff keep the written report.  The Observer requested it,  noting that is is a public document,  and spokeswoman LaTarzja Henry said CMS will provide it.  McGarry forwarded the copy sent to board members Friday night.

McGarry replied to Hattabaugh that  "it does not address tension and safety issues at any of those schools ... please advise."


John said...

The requested report includes NO INFORMATION ON SAFETY ISSUES?

Hattabaugh should be fired immediately! This is clearly a cover-up attempt... ask Penn State how THAT works out!

Anonymous said...

That is a really poor work effort. Set aside the potential issue of ignoring the core concern of safety and learning environment... I think they delayed presenting this report because it was such a weak effort and they were embarrassed to share it. That might pass for an exhibit or appendix reference, but only to support a real report.... which is completely absent. I give this project a D-

Mike said...

I agree with anon above. I would not accept that level of performance from my employees. DOES NOT MEET!

Christine Mast said...

I would have been fired from my job if I had created that report in response to the Board Members' questions. Not only is the requested data missing, the title is spelled wrong.

Where is the "pay for performance" for the Central Office?

On another note, though, notice that there was a net increase of 92 mobile units. Were these costs budgeted when considering closing schools? I don't know the answer to that. But I'd love to know how much was spent on installation of these new mobiles.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, Hugh worked with Pete many years in Florida.
Wait until the upfitting bill comes in for Smith, Spaugh, and the other properties housing support staff. Another tax drain.

Anonymous said...

This is a damn MESS!

Excuse me, a CMesS.I agree that someone should be fired and for goodness sakes stop the waste of money flow into a black hole.

Anonymous said...

My son has been assaulted several times on his bus and he is in 2nd grade! I can't get anyone from CMS to return my calls and this has been going on for over a month. We've called the school and the transportation center and nothing. I pulled him off the bus for now but I guess I should have called the police.