Thursday, January 21, 2010

State: ABC boards need travel rules

One-third of local ABC boards do not have travel policies to control spending, the state Alcohol Beverage Control Commission said today.

The commission sent a Wednesday e-mail directing 163 local boards to review and update policies by March 1.

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The Mecklenburg ABC system has been under scrutiny during the past several weeks after news a liquor company paid for a $12,000 dinner last November attended by McDougal, former ABC Chair Parks Helms and other employees. Helms, McDougal and some staffers repaid $9,000 of the bill, but a state alcohol law enforcement report later said the dinner violated state law. Helms resigned from the board last week amid public pressure.

The Mecklenburg County ABC Board said Tuesday it plans to set new gifts and ethics policies, and has asked its attorneys to study the relationship between vendors and people within the local alcoholic beverage system.

- Doug Miller


Rob said...

Instead of wasting all this money to "study" the ABC's culture and procedures, blah, blah, blah. GET RID OF IT. Privatize the liquor business (like the majority of other states) and just tax them like any other business. Cut out the middle men and their salaries.

Brad Foley said...

Can one person tell me why we even have an ABC board? Why don't any politicians take a stand against ABC boards, especially after an event like this.

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