Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Judge orders release of 911 calls

Police must release all 911 tapes and police radio communications associated with former Officer Marcus Jackson, a Mecklenburg judge ruled Wednesday.

Jackson, 26, was arrested and fired last month after several women accused him of sexually assaulting them during traffic stops. Police last week moved to block the release of emergency communications associated with his activities.

“The recordings are public record…and therefore subject to disclosure,” Superior Court Judge Richard Boner ruled after reviewing the tapes in private.

Read the judge's order

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Anonymous said...

Is anybody sick of this same ole sale ole crap again and again yet? The obssessed media has bit this off chewed it up 1000 times but refuses to spit it out. Cows chew their cud but this is getting asinine and redundant is putting it mild.

WE DONT CARE !!! Get A Life.