Friday, June 3, 2011

Read the indictment against John Edwards

 The indictment is the culmination of a secretive federal probe that has been going on for more than two years. The investigation has centered on allegations that donations to John Edwards were used to support Rielle Hunter, his former mistress and mother of his now-3-year-old daughter.



Pending Counts: Conspiracy, False Statements

Highest Offense Level: Felony

Read the indictment

Read the arrest warrant


Michael said...

Surely this is a mistake!!! ????
Johnny Edwards is a Democrat, so how can this be?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 11:53 AM, I know what you mean. You'd never find a faith and values Republican involved in a sex scandal.

Anonymous said...

Is there is any purpose to this BS? Who cares?

This is one of many reasons the media SUCKS.

Its hilarious to listen to so many hypocrites give a lame excuse that Edwards "could have been" the nominee. Coulda shoulda worlda.

He lost both times. How the hell can Edwards win if he loses? Idiots.

Is this some kind of Obama distraction because if you thought Bush was bad this one is 10 times worse and an illegal president.

David said...

@1:24pm...A sex scandal is one thing. A million dollar misuse of campaign funds and filing false federal spending reports means jail time. We'll miss you John! You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

A million is one tenth of one percent. Candidates piss away more than that getting their nails done.

Yea go waste 50-100 million on trying to convict a never was or will be. Fiction.
Throw it on the taxpayers 140 trillion bill for all local state and national debt.
Bush been indicted? Obama? Americas got 10 wars with no end in sight becuz of them 2.


Anonymous said...

He will easily beat this rap. Edwards must be loving all this new attention. Maybe he'll switch over and run for prez as a Republican since the new conservative moral ethical radical right wing Democrat party is too straight and strict.
Like they say, no such thing as bad publicity.

He needs to start raising that billion dollars now.

Anonymous said...

Hey 01:42 PM:

Why don't you knock off that "illegal President" horseshit? You only look stupid bringing up that ridiculous nonsense.

Anonymous said...

so maybe you can explain why obamas birth certificate has been doctored and re-doctored? experts have proved it a fraud.

Anonymous said...

Demarcus said:

Why did JE run around on fatass Liz? Clearly he was outraged at her obesity lack of class and sophistocation in dress and makeup that affected her demeanor and his. This was only the presidency of the USA, right? She only lost the nomination for him in 2004. No big deal, right?

Fatass Liz could have immitated Jackie Kennedy and stayed in shape but she chose to be a boring unattractive poor dresser and obese slopping like a hog at Wendys24/7. What a poor example of proper diet to the nation.

Edwards should have left that hog in 2004 and hooked up with a beautiful younger thinner babe. He waited way too late. The cancer and death would have happened anyway and wasnt her husbands fault.

lynn lee said...

I want to say this for all you married men keep it at home in your bed with your wife if you cannot get a divorce. John Edwards is a snake he need to be in a cage locked up he is a danger to people Not only did he lie to his wife who was ill with cancer god bless her soul may she rest in peace but he also lied to the american people and his own children while disowning his new born he is the lowest of the low lock him up fast his kids will be better off without him.

Anonymous said...

Ditto for the lard butt fat wives to who look good before they get married then when the ring is on the finger they go to hell gaining 50 lbs and looking like shit all the time. No excuses. You know who you are.

Edwards a snake? The man turned down 10 million submissive females who wanted sex and only after his younger ritzy videographer begged him on her knees did he finally agree. She went off birth control without telling him so she could get pregnant. Go fig.

The media and DNC did Edwards in becuz they wanted their boy BarryO in the WH. They did the same thing to Hillary and Bill in a different way.

Let it go you idiot mofoz. Edwards needs to run again as a GOP or Indy and marry a young rep of Jenny Craig or body trainer babe next time. Stay away from those drab ugly old unkept piggly wiggly fatties.