Friday, June 10, 2011

Read Jones' letter, CHS's response

A potentially damaging rift between Mecklenburg County and its largest hospital system has just grown wider.

Claiming Carolinas HealthCare System has breached its contract, Mecklenburg Manager Harry Jones said in a letter to hospital system CEO Michael Tarwater that the county will halt its payments to the multi-billion-dollar hospital system until it provides requested data. Read the Jones letter by clicking here

But CHS officials say they have not breached the agreement - and are disappointed that the county appears to be throwing its longstanding relationship with the hospital system "to the curb." Click here to read a statement from the hospital -- AMES ALEXANDER AND APRIL BETHEA


Anonymous said...

Personally, I think we need CHS more than we need Harry Jones...can't we just throw him to the curb instead?

Anonymous said...

Anyone that works in healthcare can attest that there is ALWAYS a shortage of psychiatric beds. People that would do better to have inpatient psych care are sent home and into the community (with fingers crossed), because of this shortage. I

Anonymous said...

Of course there is a shortage of psych beds! This fact does not give CMS the right to steal from the taxpayers!

muebles camobel said...

It won't work in actual fact, that is exactly what I suppose.