Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CMS: Two weeks to transfer

The latest twist in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools job shakeup is a new chance for employees to seek available positions starting Friday. According to a memo sent today, openings will trickle out throughout June, as CMS figures out what jobs will survive in the 2011-12 budget. District leaders planned for about 1,500 jobs to be cut and notified hundreds of people that their jobs could disappear, but then restored many of them after county commissioners bumped up the budget last week.

Here's the update:

From: cmscommunications
Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2011 11:07 AM
To: cmsmailall
Subject: Transfer Opportunities

As of Friday, June 17, CMS employees will have an opportunity to apply for new positions throughout the district when we begin to post available positions and accept applications.

This opportunity is different from earlier years. The application process is not a general transfer fair. There are new procedures for applying for a position, and we will share details about the procedures later this week. One important change: Not all available jobs will be posted at once. Some will be posted on Friday, and daily updates of the postings will follow.

As part of the posting process, employees will be given priority in application but not necessarily in hiring decisions. We will give employees the opportunity to apply first for these jobs, and then we will choose the strongest candidates to fill them.

The decision to begin posting jobs was made following the announcement that Mecklenburg County would give CMS $26 million more than the district originally expected. The $26 million will cover two items in Tier 4 of the proposed cuts, and will provide partial funding for a third item.

The $26 million will cover the funding needed to keep our weighted student staffing formula at the current level, and to keep class sizes at current levels. Those two items add up to about $24 million. The remaining $2 million will be applied toward the $11 million needed to avoid cutting one support position at each school.  

The status of funds to cover the proposed cuts in Bright Beginnings classes and teacher assistant positions has not been determined because we do not have the final state budget numbers. When we get that information,  we will share it.

The application process is scheduled to close on June 30. If you are interested in applying for a job in one of the postings, please be sure to check your  CMS email regularly throughout the rest of June for updates and more information.

Thank you.


Barb B said...

I can't believe "weighted student staffing" takes priority over restoring media specialists and school counselors. The suburban schools already have 8-10 more students per classroom, then they loose support staff. I don't know why people say CMS doesn't care about the inner city schools--they seem to get all the funding and all the resources.

CMSTeacher said...

Apparently any school with enough "economically disadvantaged" (FRL) students gets figured into the weighted student staffing. My school is only about 30% ED but if we can get extra staff out of it, anything helps.

CMS Parent said...

But that "extra staff" at your school is pulled from another school. Why are some schools more important than others?

Anonymous said...

...'cause they got more black kids...

Anonymous said...

For the past 3 years CMS has not allowed ANY transferring (unless you were a coach of some sort). This feels like an attempt from the current brass at an "Olive Branch" moment for teachers who have been stuck in school they were moved to or away from. Any employee is more productive when he/she chooses their environment and they feel vested in the experience. I can't remember the study that was done (I will have to look it up) that looked at student success rates given longevity of a teacher in a specific environment, but the numbers were favorable to an argument FOR this. There have been numerous studies done on in the ever so popular comparative market "business world" about employees and loyalty and productivity. These studies all indicate positive yields as well.

Anonymous said...

As a Strategic Staffing teacher who was not able to transfer until this year I am glad to have this opportunity. I just hope I will be able to transfer. Something seemed off in this memo. It seemed as if "they", whoever they are, have a lot of say as to if you will be able to transfer.

Anonymous said...

Administrators were told that you did not have to go to a Focus/Equity school.

Wiley Coyote said...

Why Bright Beginnings continues to even be included in any conversation is beyond me.

The program is nothing more than an entitlement black hole that has no real benefit except do the job parents should be doing.

It is time people realize that "No Child Left Behind" is a mission statement and not reality.

Stop dragging the system down for the majority of students.

You will not save every child. That is a cold, hard fact that the bleeding hearts need to realize.

They also need to realize that money is limited and they have to live within their means like the rest of us do everyday.

Wiley Coyote said...

Anon 6:36..

Your argument is exactly why public education has failed miserably the past 30 years.

First of all, the FRL numbers are bogus and to base anything on them is reckless.

I don't care if your household income is ZERO dollars per year. 2+2 is still going to equal 4 no matter what school your child is assigned to or how much money you have.

You either learn it or you don't.

No amount of entitlements is going to make the horse drink from the water you lead him to if he doesn't want to drink.

Ann Doss Helms said...

8:53, the WSS teachers are not literally pulled from other schools. This is county money used to add teachers to what the state provides for all schools. Of course one can take issue with the way CMS distributes those additional teachers.

CMS Parent said...

Ann, I do understand they are not literally pulled from other schools, I just get so frustrated that our neighborhood school gets 24-30 kids per class and no school counselor and other schools have much better ratios. Tier 4 just decreased weighted student staffing from 1.3 to 1.25. I would think returning media specialists and counselors to ALL schools would be more important than giving some schools a slight increase in weight student staffing.

School with strong PTA support can raise money for technology, books, etc, but a PTA can't buy extra staff.

Anonymous said...

I wish to echo what Anon @ 9:21 said. As a teacher who ended up in a school that was not her first choice, I have been waiting (impatiently) for an opportunity to go "home." However, since I have no intention of becoming Administration and do not coach anything, I have had zero prospects until this. I am ecstatic to even have the chance to apply for a position that truly reaches my core and, again, stokes the passion of my teaching.

donS said...

Since the schools were funded at a specific budget. Does this additional funding from the state mean that our taxes will not increase?

Mudd E. Diction said...

CMS pledged to save operating costs by closing schools. So…where are the extra classrooms going to come from for teachers thankfully funded by new tax revenue? Several schools closed against the wishes of the community. Now odds are CMS will now open more trailer courts for kids, I missed that part of the plan? The problem with modeling public education on business is kids. Business makes cuts to services in bad times. In public education when times are bad,kids take the hit. Does a business admin degree produce better educators than an education admin degree? CMBOE please represent your sector. Who is fooling whom?