Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Read the SEC accusations

Bank of America Corp. agreed to pay $137 million in restitution for its involvement in a conspiracy to rig bids on 88 municipal bond contracts, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Justice Department said.
The Charlotte bank agreed to pay $36 million to settle an SEC case. The bank will pay an additional $101 million to resolve investigations by other federal and state agencies, the SEC said.


Anonymous said...

Why is the Observer trying to run Bank of A out of town the way they almost ran off First UnionWachovia who had to be sold to Wells in San Fran by the FDIC?

Took a look at McClatchy lately? They slated to either be split up or go bellyup in 2011. Why does the CO hate big business?

Any truth Limbaugh wants to buy the Observer and a few others once McClatchy rolls over?

Anonymous said...

Does the glutty O thinks anybody gives a good rats azz about Jinwright & his taxs or Jackson hitting on illegal aliens?
Pay your taxes and go back to Mex. Probs solved.

Broken recordz as usual. Any new material?

Anonymous said...

Homosexual molests 50 children in Netherlands daycare. Sicko liberal scum should be beheaded.

Anonymous said...

Obv a good friend of late michael jackson

On another note the gay news wire reports that ROTC offices are being stampeded by 1000s of faggots trying to join the military and go to Afghanistan and get blown or burned up since they are open now