Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Zahra Baker documents

In stark detail, court documents released Tuesday disclose new allegations in the death of 10-year-old Zahra Baker, the Hickory girl whose plight appears to be more disturbing than previously revealed.

Read the court documents.


Anonymous said...


While it is/was tragic dont the idiots in the media believe that having this murder stuffed down throats 24/7/365 has been WAYYYYYYYYYYY overboard and WAYYYYYYYYYYYY too much???????

NEVER has there EVER been so much media GLUTTTT about a murder. WHY is this case so much more important than other cases?

Obviously its the Australian factor otherwise it would havent gotten 1/100th the glut. People are sick of seeing the blown up dead girl media 24/7/365.

YOU ARE SICK & OBSESSED !!! Get over it. The girl is DEAD. Its over. Stop trying to make money off it and milk it to death. You already done that a trillion times over.

Treat all murders the same.

Anonymous said...

Obviously Anonymous you do NOT have children....

This little girl never stood a chance....never....AND she NEVER had a voice....the media is doing a FINE job to speak for her, even in death....

Anonymous said...

Sensationalism and semi-fiction. Catawba County hicks seem to be loving all the attention. Quite a theatrical show. Maybe its the media whos conned.

Anonymous said...

On another why did Bama, who wastes THREE times what Shrub did, OK 4.6 bill in reparations to black farmers with a fed govt 15 trill in the hole.

Questioning the validity of another bogus handout is one thing but there are only 18,000 black farmers in America yet 84,000 are being paid. ????????

Anonymous said...

wrong. its 94,000 not 84,000 black farmers and some indians.

Anonymous said...

thanks for changing the cryptic subject the obsessed media cant let go of

Anonymous said...

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