Friday, September 24, 2010

Jones: mental health director on paid leave

Mecklenburg County Manager Harry Jones announced Friday he has placed Area Mental Health Director Grayce Crockett on temporary paid leave.

The news came on the heels of a report in today’s Observer about an investigation by Mecklenburg Open Door, which contracts with the mental health department, into claims that its former director misused agency money. The investigation has found “financial and administrative problems” and violations of agency policies, according to the president of its board of directors. The Observer also reported that a federal lien had been placed on Open Door for failure to pay more than $53,000 in payroll taxes. -- APRIL BETHEA

Below is a news release sent by the county Friday afternoon:

AMH Director Placed On Leave During Assessment

Mecklenburg County Manager Harry L. Jones Sr. announced today that he has placed Area Mental Health (AMH) Director Grayce Crockett on temporary paid leave effective immediately. AMH Deputy Director Carlos Hernandez has been designated as Acting AMH Director during Ms. Crockett’s leave.

This action allows the Mecklenburg County Manager’s Office to assess all actions taken in connection with Mecklenburg Open Door, as the County terminates its relationship with this organization. This process also will include an assessment of management oversight in AMH regarding its handling of this situation. While on temporary leave, Ms. Crockett is expected to fully cooperate with this assessment, including providing all information she has or knows regarding this matter.

“In addition to my concerns about Area Mental Health’s monitoring oversight of the grant, I have additional concerns that we did not have complete information needed to fully brief the Board,” Jones said Friday. “Therefore, we will dig as deep as we can into Mecklenburg Open Door to determine all the facts and to ensure there is appropriate accountability within Area Mental Health.”

Key facts regarding the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) review of the Shelter Care Plus Program that Mecklenburg Open Door administered for the County are available at


Anonymous said...

As for her replacement; I'm
sure there's someone else at Harry Jones' church that could use a six figure income.

Anonymous said...

LOL...ANON 8:19am and we KNOW that is where they will come from!

Can we PLEASE put Jones on permanent unpaid leave????

Anonymous said...

I am quite sure that the "someone else" will fit the current profile of Mecklenburg county - DSS and many other high paid administrative positions within the County Managers office.... Yeah, figure it out....

Anonymous said...

More investigation is needed at Area Mental Health LME.

Many unethical practices have been put in place by the Administrators of the Mecklenburg LME with regards to how and on what money is spent and the quality of the providers they endorse.

Many times the current administration puts on paper that we are doing what the State mandates when in fact we are not.
Our Supervisors are being told to keep this information quiet - not to tell Ms. Crockett or the Comissioners.

It appears a lot of tax payer dollars are being wasted at Area Mental Health by the LME -start investigating, Carlos Hernadez, Marhta Joslin, Jan Sisk, Denise Knasel before you start on Harry

Also there are many employees that are being paid high dollars to sit around and play on their computers.

Area Mental Health is misusing Mecklenburg tax dollars

Anonymous said...

Harry - take a look at the Area Mental Health Administrators. Ask them how many computer systems they have wasted money on!!!!

You may want to think twice before allowing Area Mental Health LME to manage the Medicaid dollars.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments regarding the unethical practices as well as the wasting of tax payer dollars by the Area Mental Health LME.

Before going after Harry you may want to dump the current administrators and hire individuals who know how to operate the LME like a business rather than the current administration that appears to have the "good ole boy" mentality.

Anonymous said...

09/28/2010@10:54: I absolutely agree that we should dump the current administrators, there are plenty of people at Harry Jones' church that could step in, at twice the salary, and do the job just as bad.

Adult Toys said...

Now a day’s mental illness is occurring at higher rate. Such that people are now more stressed and hence they are getting mental illness in return of the stress.

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