Monday, September 13, 2010

Is your neighborhood on the decline?

Charlotte's 2010 quality-of-life study shows the largest-ever jump in below-average neighborhood rankings, from 20 neighborhoods to 27.

The new study, last completed in 2008, reflects the "significant negative impacts on Charlotte" of the national and local economy, the report says.

"The economic engine of growth and wealth creation has been slowed by a restructuring of the local financial sector and high levels of unemployment," the report says. "Fortunately, by the middle of 2010 economic trends are beginning to shift toward recovery and rebounding."

The study also shows if neighborhoods are trending up, showing no change or trending down.

It shows a majority of inner city neighborhoods trending up and large concentrations of southeast Charlotte neighborhoods trending up as well. The two areas with greatest concentrations of no change were east and west Charlotte. Trending down areas were scattered in west and east Charlotte.

Click here to see if your neighborhood is improving or declining.

Click here to read the full city report.

- Doug Miller


Larry said...

I graduated from UNCC and am ashamed at how much of a shill they are for Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

I guess since my area is not included in the study I won't have to pay any more city property and sales taxes!!

Anonymous said...

As a proud alum of the university I am ashamed of people such as Larry. The university provides a number of valued services and programs to the community of Charlotte. God forbid the local university and the city work together on projects.