Thursday, May 20, 2010

See live video of the Gulf oil spill

This image from BP's video shows oil gushing from the blown well in the Gulf of Mexico.

A live video feed of the leaking Gulf of Mexico oil well, posted online Thursday after members of Congress exerted pressure on BP, is sure to fuel anger against the oil company.

"We will triumph over this tragedy through technology and transparency, so our best minds can bring all resources to bear to end this spill," Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., said in a statement.

"This video will allow the world to see the damage that is occurring in our oceans and reinforce the urgency to end this disaster," he added.

Heavy demand has been slowing access to the live video feed, but here is the main site:

Sen. Bill Nelson also featured video, and the widget above, on his site.

"The broader scientific community and our university experts need to see all this so they can add to our knowledge of what happened and why," the Florida Democrat said in a statement. "Plus, we need to make sure everybody sees what's going on down there."


Mormonesque said...

What are we doing here? BP guilty of criminal negligence, lied to cover it up, caused worst ecological disaster in our history...and Pres. obama is writing letters ASKING them to comply? This is no democracy, BP owns the White House. That will be remembered

Regcure said...

Interesting how we hear nothing about the gulf oil spill now. Unfortunately, we probably will never see offshore drilling again, which is a shame, because the BP incident was an isolated one, and we desperately need to start drilling fast to get gas prices down