Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Read the complaint against the Times Square bombing suspect

On Tuesday, Faisal Shahzad (above) was charged with conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction and several related crimes connected to the failed Times Square car bombing.


Anonymous said...

During the Obama Administration, we've had scares like this one and the one in Detriot. But no lives lost and no attacks on our land or to us. Scares, like a cold.

In 2001, under the leadership of GWB, who was the leader, we lost many, many lives, buildings, our safe feeling, $, related jobs, our pride due to it, etc. Like a fatal heart attack.

So media, keep reporting about the scares, but keep it in perspective - always compare it to 9/11/01.

Big difference

Anonymous said...

You are a moron.
Obama is a moron.

No difference

Anonymous said...

Please take your liberal idiot self and retarded comments back to Boston where someone might give a crap what you think and stop ruining our country.

Anonymous said...

Its Bush's fault.
Everything is Bush's fault.

Global warming...Bush's fault.
Oil spill in the Gulf...Bush's fault.
Tiger Wood's affair...Bush's fault.
Windows 7...Bush's fault.
The fact that the double cheeseburger at McDonald's is no longer $1...Bush's fault.

Lord Obama will save us all.
All hail Lord Obama!!

Why are u people so FREAKING DUMB?

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