Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More findings from Turner report

Among them: Councilman Warren Turner's avoidance of city e-mail and how officials pay bills on the road.

Attorney Valecia McDowell's 20-page report alleged:

- Councilman Warren Turner does not maintain or regularly use an e-mail account hosted on city servers. The investigator's law firm was unable to access or review e-mails sent and received by Turner.

- It is common for city staff members to pay for food or other reimbursable expenses of city council members while on trips. For instance, at a 2006 National League of Cities event in Reno, an employee said "she was in the casino with Council Member Turner in order to pay for his food or other expenses with her credit card."

- After the Reno trip, the employee who complained of inappropriate comments by Turner said then-City Manager Pam Syfert assured her she would support the employee if she felt the need to "stand up" to Turner.

- Turner told McDowell he does not drink hard liquor, but city receipts show he purchased Crown Royal and other drinks.

Click here to read the full report.

McDowell, an attorney with the law firm Moore & Van Allen, interviewed 18 people. She said the probe, released Monday, will likely cost the city $35,000.

- Doug Miller


Anonymous said...

I did read the report and find that an employee went to her supervisor but there is no one who can verify that her complaints took place. Some were denied by Council Mitchell. Others by Employee D.
Another question, what is the relationship between the attorney and Fox? Friends, supporter, fundraiser.?

Anonymous said...

What was the race of the 5 females? Is he aware of the sexual harrassment diversity law?

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