Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Has Gorman got the turnaround answer?

Can Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools teach the nation's education leaders something about turning around schools?
The Aspen Institute thinks so. The nonpartisan policy and leadership group is using a case study of Superintendent Peter Gorman's strategic staffing plan as the focus of a forum in Washington, D.C., today.
Strategic staffing, launched in 2008-09, puts successful principals into struggling schools, with money to recruit teams of proven educators and freedom to make changes. Gorman expects results in three years, which means the verdict isn't in yet. But the report cites promising signs, and looks at some of the challenges going forward.
"Ultimately, at the core of the Strategic Staffing Initiative is the belief held by CMS leadership that all students deserve a great principal and excellent teachers," the report concludes. "As Principal Steve Hall of Bruns Avenue Elementary School said, 'It's the moral thing to do. This is the single most ethical educational initiative I've ever been involved with as an educator.' ”
The report is compiled by Education Resource Strategies, a consulting group that's working with CMS on how to align spending with education goals.


therestofthestory said...

The key is going to be will these new pricipals and teachers hold students and parents accountable for the lack of discipine, lack of preparedness, and lack of engagement?

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt take the advice form any of Gormans cronies!! They cant run CMS correctly, This is funny!! A joke right. Oh wait April fools day has already passed!!

Anonymous said...


they can spell though! How about you?

Van said...

Sadly, this is typical of educational fads - implement something, anything, without the first clue as to whether it will work or not. And when that fails, just move on to the Next Big Thing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so it's the "moral" thing to do, eh?

Sounds like someone's gettin' scrooed.

Well, folk, it's time to bend over and expose your wallets.

Because you're going to be giving and receiving at the same time...

Anonymous said...

This is an absolutely brilliant strategy.

EVERYONE should do this.

Then we could see our best and brightest management talent put in charge of our dimmest witted people throughout the nation.

We need to take our intellectuals out of their ivory towers and put them in charge of landscaping crews.

The grass would definitely be greener.

Anonymous said...

All drivers deserve a BMW or Lexus, too.

Especially the really bad drivers with multiple accidents and DUI's.

They especially deserve the largest and most advanced automobiles we can give them because they are more likely to crash.

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