Saturday, January 21, 2012

CMS/Project LIFT partnership plans

Project LIFT,  the year-old philanthropic quest to pump $55 million into eight west Charlotte schools,  got an enthusiastic reception from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board Saturday when it unveiled its plans for a groundbreaking partnership to transform the schools.

Read the plan here.

On Tuesday, the school board is scheduled to vote on a contract with Project LIFT.  Read a draft of that contract here.


Anonymous said...

Taxation Without Representation

Those schools already receive more money (almost twice as much) than the suburb schools.When will there come a time when this is reverse discrimination?

Anonymous said...

Not under this current federal adminstration, BOCC, and BOE.

All they want is to make a reputation for themselves not mater how they fudge the data for closing the achievement gap, increasing graduation rate and decreasing dropout rate. They do not care that 25% of last year's achievement gap closing came from white students' score failing.

Anonymous said...

How public schools keep your children a slave.