Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New demands on CMS teacher assistants

Teachers aren't the only ones facing layoffs in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. The preliminary 2011-12 budget plan calls for getting rid of teacher assistants in grades one and two, a loss of about 350 jobs.

Some assistants say a letter they received in February created a near-impossible barrier to keeping their jobs. The letter notifies principals that credentials that had previously been required only for assistants in high-poverty schools that get federal Title I money will now be required for all assistants, with documentation required by April 1.

Read the letter here.

Superintendent Peter Gorman and Chief Operating Officer Hugh Hattabaugh said today they've been urging all assistants to get these credentials for years. Failure to have the credentials by the deadline won't result in automatic dismissal, they said, and decisions about who's laid off will be based on performance ratings. But they said even assistants with top ratings could have a tough time competing for the remaining jobs if they lack credentials required to work in the Title I schools.


Anonymous said...

Wow,teacher's assistants don't even have to have a bachelor's degree?

Todd said...

That's why they are called assistants instead of teachers.

Anonymous said...

Its really just like almost every other job where you assist another person, a degree doesn't always make you a better assistant. It doesn't mean that those with a degree do a better job. I am an active volunteer at my children's school and I have seen the good, the bad, the great and the horrible assistants and some of those with degrees are not in the great category.

Anonymous said...

Thats just one persons opinion. Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one and they all smell.

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