Friday, February 18, 2011

CMS' new list of high-poverty FOCUS schools

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools has for years targeted some of its poorest schools to receive extra resources to help their students overcome their disadvantages. Periodically, CMS reshuffles the list of so-called FOCUS schools. (It stands for Finding Opportunities: Creating Unparalleled Success). With eight of those schools slated for closure this year due to budget cuts, CMS is moving new schools onto the list. Here's the full revised list of CMS new FOCUS schools.


Anonymous said...

Equality needed for CMS to better fund burb schools for even higher results. FOCUS on over achievers for a change to compete with China as Perdue discussed. Take academic excellence to the next level.

Anonymous said...

Too late. If all goes to plan 3rd world America should be primarily speaking Chinese no later than 2030 that includes doing all the jobs they wouldnt do.

Anonymous said...

We need to export our "popular culture" to China and hope it is enough to bring them down to our level.

Maybe we can book a gig for Wacko Choco Flameo and his entourage.

Anonymous said...

I worked as an EFL teacher in China for a year for a private language school, but I also taught briefly in a typical public middle school where classes had 65 kids.

Their facilities are not as nice as ours by a long shot.

It's not the money that thrown at them that makes the difference. It's their culture and work ethic.

Chinese kids and parents just work harder and do not tolerate discipline problems.

Poor kids don't use poverty as an excuse but as motivation to do better.

Something sorely lacking in a lot of our bottom-feeders in this society who just seem to need so much more "maintenance".

And still aren't worth a crap.

I wish more people could visit China.

They would be shocked and have absolutely no pity for our spoiled "underperforming" students.

Anonymous said...

"Last year I visited China on a trip to recruit new businesses and develop our economic relationships with our second largest trading partner. It was my first time in that country, and I'll tell you, I wasn't fully prepared for what I saw or how I felt afterward. I went into classrooms where children were studying concepts far in advance of American children of similar ages. They demand more work out of their kids. They require more involvement from parents. They expect no less than excellence from their students and teachers and parents and schools. Education in China is a major part of the reason their workers are global competitors. Make no mistake — they are North Carolina's competition, and they have learned from our successes."

- Beverly Perdue, State of the State 2011

Anonymous said...

waste money in the ghettos as asia gets ahead and obama apologizes to the world for america? nauseating. 2012 cant get here quick enough ..

Anonymous said...

50% of Detroit public schools being closed.