Friday, June 11, 2010

Read applications of council hopefuls

Council members could appoint a replacement for the Charlotte City Council seat vacated this week by Democratic Mayor Pro Tem Susan Burgess as early as Monday.

The application window closed at noon today.

City spokeswoman Kim McMillan said clerks are analyzing the names to make sure applicants meet the criteria, including being registered Charlotte voters. At least one applicant listed a Huntersville address.

Click here to read the applicants' statements of interest.

Here are the 24 people who applied for Susan Burgess’s council seat:

Sherly Francois Bradley
Jason Burgess
Robert P. Caldwell Jr.
Anthony Castrillon
Svend Deal
Ganyika Dixon
Kendra P. Dotson
Micah Elliott
Jack Flynn
Marc Friedland
Trent M. Grissom
Brion P. Lawler
William Mark Mobley
Joel Moore
Donald B. Moye’
Lance Peterman
Lucille Puckett
Lisa Salomon
Eddie Sanders
Ruth Stevenson
Owen Sutkowski
David S Thurston
Nancy Bowen Wiggins
Eric C. Zander

- Jim Morrill


Anonymous said...

I hate to be the one to point this out, but anyone with misspellings, grammar issues, or that didn't take the time to type out a response to the open-ended part of the application should get no consideration. Ridiculous these people.

Anonymous said...

I read the applicants and I have to say there are very few that really qualify "in my opinion".
The things I care about are:

1)Native Charottean. I don't care how you did up north, if it were so great there you wouldn't be here now would you? By the way we see how the north has worked out-NOT TOO GOOD!;
2)Are a current resident of the City of Charlotte. (I can't believe so many said NO???)
3)Several people did not even complete the "State your interest" those can be thrown out immediately!
4) Sorry ANON 5:19pm spelling is not a requirement, although good grammer skills should be....

Of course what matters to me has never much mattered to the City of Charlotte now has it?