Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Obama's oil spill word cloud

Obama word cloud

A visual representation of President Barack Obama's remarks Tuesday on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, generated by, sizes the words based on the number of times they were used. Articles, pronouns and other similarly common words were removed.

"Oil" was far and away the most-used word; according to the text of his speech released by the White House, he used that word 26 times.


Anonymous said...

Look. Earth has been around a very long time and knows how to deal with its own naturally produced substances.
The puny pathetic liberal environmentalists termites trying to save a few greasy birds and fish is laughable.
These brown pelicans blend right in with a little natural grease. The Gulf and coastlines can take care of their own spillage naturally and oil is good for the animals marshes and beaches. A hurricane will clean it all up soon.

If a few of these animals die who cares? Maybe they were overpopulated anyway.

The real tragedy is losing all this damn good natural crude and BP is doing America a favor by drilling anyway as they could be in the China Sea right now.They dont need Americas stupid Gulf.

Eveything natural to the earth like gold silver plutonium magensium copper oil diamonds is good. Anything man made usually sux.

Libs bitching need to remember their beloved naracotics to get get high on like hemp, coca plant, opium, etc are all naturally produced by earth like oil and water.

Bama is an idiot. Stopping the deep sea drilling only creates more pressure on the hole where the gush spew is occuring since all these oil veins are interconnected the globe over. You need to open all drilling and drill more holes in the vicinity to relieve the pressure and stop the flow. Simple physics.

When will red ink states like CA who has a 50 billion debt wake up and drill off their own coast and sell the oil to go into the black? Same for NC and all the rest. Drill baby drill ... get out of debt ...nobody says the private frims like BP or Exxon etc have a lock on making trillions drilling ...

Anonymous said...

BP has never said they wouldn't pay, but our impotent president keeps saying he will make them pay. He has nothing else to offer. But he also wants BP to pay the workers put out of work because of HIS moratorium on drilling, which most experts agree was an overreaction. They will likely refuse, which he will then use to mount a campaign that implies that they refused to pay for anything. Even in this time of crisis, he is being a politician instead of a leader.

Anonymous said...

Where's the beef (plan)? Mr Obama can call a cop stupid who has an issue with one of his friends and within a week calls a beer summit at the White House. He insults the CEO of BP and then waits nearly 60 days before sitting down with the CEO and BP Chairman to discuss the issues. That's not leadership from the top; that's insane. And, to make the economic situation worse, he orders a hold on drilling. This is a killer for an area already on life support. Stop the leak and clean up the water and beach and THEN pontificate.

spinelabel said...

The moratorium on coastal drilling seems perfectly reasonable. The oil company execs testifying before Congress yesterday had to acknowledge the inadequacy of their emergency preparedness plans.

Anonymous said...

Why should BP pay for oil workers' lost wages when Obama went against expert opinion (and lied about it) to stop deep water drilling?

Anonymous said...

Obama doesn't even make a decent Muslim.

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