Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dramatic aerial 9/11 photos released

The chief curator of the planned Sept. 11 museum says newly released photos of the World Trade Center terror are "absolutely core to understanding the visual phenomena of what was happening," the Associated Press reports.

AP says the aerial photos capture the towers' dramatic collapse, from just after the first fiery plane strike to the apocalyptic dust clouds that spread over lower Manhattan and its harbor.

The images were taken from a police helicopter - the only photographers allowed in the air space near the towers on Sept. 11, 2001. They were obtained by ABC News after it filed a Freedom of Information Act request last year with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which investigated the collapse.

Click here for a full slideshow of images.

The network posted 12 photos this week on its Web site, all taken by ex-NYPD Aviation Unit Detective Greg Semendinger, who was first in the air in a search for survivors on the rooftop. He said he and his pilot watched the second plane hit the south tower from the helicopter.

"We didn't find one single person. It was surreal," he told The Associated Press on Wednesday. "There was no sound. No sound whatsoever, but the noise of the radio and the helicopter. I just kept taking pictures."

- Associated Press


Anonymous said...

Awesome photos. Still hard to fathom the enormity and magnitude of the destruction.

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe they have not arrested bush and cheney for blowing up these buildings!

Anonymous said...

"I still can't believe they have not arrested bush and cheney for blowing up these buildings!"


Anonymous said...

I will not LOL. That is not funny.

Anon 3:35 - the 2000 presidential election is over. Bush won, Gore lost. Bush did not steal it. Please try to put aside your hatred and move on.

Every few years or so, we need to not only view photos like this but also see again some of the news broadcasts. I was glued to the ABC News coverage all that day, and it was excellent. We need to see these things so that we will not foget those who perished, or the radical Islamic terrorists who killed them.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This is obviously a "man made disaster" requiring an "overseas contingency operation" against the "folks" that caused it.

Algernon said...

Everything changed that day.

Making fun of that event with all those people dying terrifying deaths is the apex of moronic imbecility.

Anonymous said...

Burn in hades, muslim murderers.

Anonymous said...

You're right 5:26, who would have ever thought that the president would select a 9-11 truther for his Green Czar position? That is a cruel joke. Also, holding the trial for 9-11 mastermind steps from ground zero. A cruel joke.
Mirandizing enemy combatants. Cruel joke. Interrogating fruit of the kaboom bomber for 50 minutes then giving him the right to remain silent. Cruel joke. Prosecuting Navy Seals for "roughing up" mastermind of attack on US contractors in Iraq. Cruel Joke. Appointing to head the justice department the defense team for Osama Bin Laden driver and other 9-11 conspirators. Cruel Joke. Changing rules of engagement on the ground in Afhanistan to deliberatly deny long range artillery amd responsive close air support. Cruel joke. Refusing to label terrorists as terrorists, referring to the as "folks". Cruel Joke. Labelling terrorist attacks "Man Made Disasters". Cruel joke. Changing "Global War on Terror" to "Overseas Contingency Operation". Cruel Joke.
Electing a president who is frinds with a domestic terrorist who bombed the Pentagon and claimed, on 9-11, that he wished he did more.
Cruelest joke of all.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:11, I had forgotten about half of that, thanks for the reminder. Was not aware of the new rules of engagement, are you military? That is almost criminal if it is true.

Anonymous said...

I can confirm the new r.o.e. in that theater. Frustrating when you have retrofitted A-10s that can't deploy their latest upgrades due to political correctness. There will be a price to pay for this.
Hope and Change baby, hope you"re getting your fill of it, I sure have.

Anonymous said...

People have real short memories and these pictures need to be kept front and center so people WILL remember what happened and who WAS responsible. They were muslims, just like the zero that is in the white house who continues to get a pass for his catering to Islam. Go to u-tube and look at the number of times BO is in defense of Islam! He bows to them--first time an American president has bowed to anyone! A freakin Muslim???!!!
Look at how BO handled the underwear bomber and these outrageously stupid trials of KSM. Barack Obama is NOT protecting us, and his lack of doing things for national security will cause us to be 'hit' again - only next time we might not be so lucky. Obama, the messiah, has NO clue what he is doing in any area, other than be proficient with a telaprompter, but I would betcha IF he ran for re-election today, the same idiots that voted him in would continue to vote for this marxist! Look at what he DOES, NOT WHAT he says! YOU ARE GETTING A TAX INCREASE AT THE END OF THE YEAR AND REMEMBER, HE SAID, NO ONE WOULD GET A TAX INCREASE! tHE 10% BRACKET IS GOING AWAY!
It seems people are really 'napping' right now with regards to just 'who' really is in the white house and the fact that this can/will happen again! Wake up people!

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