Monday, December 14, 2009

Foxx appoints committee members

Mayor Anthony Foxx this morning announced committee assignments for the 2009-2011 city council.

The city released the following list:

Housing and Neighborhood Development: This committee provides comprehensive initiatives designed to foster economic development and improve quality of life issues in Charlotte's neighborhoods and business areas.

Committee members: James Mitchell (Chair), Warren Turner (Vice Chair), Michael Barnes, Warren Cooksey, and Patrick Cannon.

Community Safety: This committee focuses on initiatives to proactively identify and address issues related to crime, disorder, and personal safety to ensure citizens feel safe in the areas where they live, work, and spend their leisure time.

Committee members: Patrick Cannon (Chair), Patsy Kinsey (Vice Chair), Susan Burgess, Andy Dulin, and Edwin Peacock.

Transportation and Planning: This committee focuses on the City and region’s transportation network including roads, mass transit, pedestrian and bicycle connections as well as planning to address our region’s transportation infrastructure.

Committee members: David Howard (Chair), Michael Barnes (Vice Chair), Warren Cooksey, Susan Burgess, and Patsy Kinsey.

Economic Development: This Committee works to provide direction that supports development of an educated and trained work force, fosters partnerships to aid local economic growth, retains and attracts quality businesses, supports business development and contributes to the economy.

Committee members: Susan Burgess (Chair), James Mitchell (Vice Chair), Nancy Carter, Patsy Kinsey, and Andy Dulin.

Environment: This Committee focuses on City policies for air and water quality, land preservation, and energy and resource conservation by adopting best practices and delivering public services in a manner based on sound environmental practices.

Committee members: Edwin Peacock (Chair), Nancy Carter (Vice Chair), Susan Burgess, David Howard, and Andy Dulin.

Budget: This Committee works with City staff to review and prioritize issues affecting the City’s budget.

Committee members: Michael Barnes (Chair), Andy Dulin (Vice Chair), David Howard, Edwin Peacock, and Nancy Carter.

Restructuring Government: This Committee examines policies and programs in order to provide citizens the best service at the lowest cost and highest efficiency.

Committee members: Warren Cooksey (Chair), Patrick Cannon (Vice Chair), James Mitchell, Patsy Kinsey, and Warren Turner.

Government Affairs: This Committee discusses opportunities and initiatives to pursue with State and Federal government in support of City priorities.

Committee members: Nancy Carter (Chair), Warren Turner (Vice Chair), Susan Burgess, Andy Dulin, and Patrick Cannon.

- Doug Miller


Anonymous said...

Patrick Cannon and Public Safety. This is he same guy that leaves a loaded gun in his car. Now THAT is someone I can trust !!!!

Charlotte Area LEO

cltindependent said...

anony 11:55, I'd forgotton about that! Pat Cannon probably was hoping you forgot it too? Otherwise I like the choices. The city council is ok for the most part with the exception of one. The commissioners get on my nerves.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Foxx just endorsed a woman that DSS has investigated for child abuse. Alleged Child abusers come in all shapes, sizes and social economic backgrounds. Mr. Foxx should consult with his wife before grinning with some of the predators in the community. Mrs. Foxx is the smart/commonsense one. I don’t think she (Mrs. Foxx) would be duped.