Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Belk: dismiss recommendation for removal

Former Mecklenburg District Judge Bill Belk is challenging the N.C. Judicial Standards Commission's recommendation that he be officially removed from the bench.

Belk's attorney, Kevin Byrnes of Charlotte, submitted a brief earlier this month asking the state Supreme Court to dismiss the case against him.

"Because the Judicial Standards Commission failed to find any facts by clear, cogent and convincing evidence," Byrnes wrote, "none of its conclusions is properly supported by valid findings."

Read the 41-page document by clicking here.

The Judicial Standards Commission recommended Belk be removed from the bench for "willful misconduct." Belk had been accused of misconduct for continuing to serve on the board of directors of Sonic Automotive, one of the nation's largest auto retailers, and for his behavior during the confrontation with Mecklenburg Chief District Judge Lisa Bell.

Byrnes writes in the new brief that Belk "has never misused his office to interfere with the judicial system or any particular case. He has acted at all times in good faith …"

If the state Supreme Court imposes that commission's recommended discipline, Belk would be banned from ever again holding a judgeship in North Carolina. -- Gary L Wright and April Bethea


J. Patrick Terry said...

Do we really want someone like Belk, who has proven that he has some serious issues with anger management, be a judge? If anyone except for a professional athlete would yell at their boss the way that he did, we'd be fired.

As my Drill Sgt. said "DX him". Direct Exchange him for a functional judge.

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